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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Challenge Entry #19 - NAC Fleet

Late last year, I painted up the NAC intro fleet I'd won in a prize draw on Seb's blog. Moving on a few months, my final final entry to this year's Challenge were the extra ships I'd ordered to upgrade it to a mega fleet.

With the intro fleet I'd made a bit of a booboo at the early stage (I was a bit too heavy with the wet brush stage) and had to go back and do a wash step to add some depth to the base colour of the hull. With these ships I learnt my lesson and the wash step wasn't needed (nor the preceding gloss varnish step) - quite handy really, as otherwise I probably wouldn't have finished them before the deadline!

That's enough blather from me though - you want to see the pics.

The Fleet:

Scout Ships:


Heavy Cruiser and 2 Escort Cruisers:


Battle Dreadnought:

Super Dreadnought:

Tomorrow I'll be posting a review of my Challenge with pics of all my entries (and my hall of shame).


  1. I was really impressed with the detail and work you put into these very nice work Tamsin

  2. All your spaceships have been real eye candy. Coupled with the mass it makes four a great collection. Well done.

  3. Stunning work Tamsin! Very impressed with these ships!

  4. These spaceships are very nice! I was quite taken by your spaceship stuff.

  5. Nice work Tamsin. You have a knack for adding just the right amount of highlight colour to make them interesting without being over complicated.

  6. Great looking fleet - the ships have a nice character to them
    What ruleset do you use them with?

  7. Fantastic looking fleet. I love all the little touches of paint here and there it brings it all to life nicely. I really like how you have done the thrusters in that cold blue flame effect compliments the miniatures nicely

  8. Another nice fleet. I now believe your aim is to have a fleet of every type. )

  9. Very impressive Tamsin - great detail you picked out.

  10. Nobody does them better Tamsin, well done.

  11. Wonderful work. Really wonderful. Looks like an aweful lot of work to paint all those details.

  12. Thanks guys!

    @ Miles - I'll be using them for Full Thrust. Getting the right amount of highlighting is a matter of trial and error. I got it very badly wrong with my initial go on my NSL heavy carrier

    @ Simon - the blue-flame effect thruster is copied from other people. My only addition is to wash with fluo blue at the end.

    @ Clint - I might stop at 6 fleets....

    @ Markus - it is quite a lot of work, but the fiddliness is the worst part.