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Monday, 17 March 2014

Challenge Day 93 - NAC Fleet Nearly Done

I had been hoping to post my Mongols tonight, but it seems that Curt has a backlog of entries and they haven't been posted yet.

Yesterday's multi-player FoGAM game was great fun, even if things went very badly for my command. We were doing a refight of Alarcos 1195, which saw the Kingdom of Castille fighting the Almohads in central Spain in the middle of July.

My command was the Andalusian contingent on the right wing (mostly light horse with some rather crap infantry). My aim was to hold up the Castillian left wing and if things went well to try to turn their flank. However a couple of silly mistakes with positioning combined with an unexpected charge by some crossbowmen into my light horse saw me in trouble from quite early in the battle.

Things also went rather badly on our left wing, although they did manage to destroy a few groups of Castillian knights. In the centre things were less certain as the lines of infantry hadn't made contact by the time we called an end. The result was a narrow victory for the Castillians, mostly aided by their use of ahistorical tactics!

I forgot to take my camera with me which was annoying. Hopefully some of the other players will send me pics they took which I will post here.

Thanks to Gordon for hosting the game and for the most delicious lunchtime repast.

NAC Fleet

I've made good progress since Saturday and have very nearly finished painting all the ships. I've just got one bit of detail painting left to do (black stripes on hazard panels) and some touching up, which I should manage to get done tomorrow evening. On Wednesday I'll spray them with satin varnish to match the ships I painted at the end of last year, add flight peg toppers, take photos and send the pics off to Curt as my final final entry (there won't be time to get anything else painted before the closing deadline).

Quick pic of the ships as they are right now:


  1. Great looking spaceships.
    I could get my brushes wet again and paint some more before the last few days...but I will give myself and Curt a break.

  2. Oh yeah! I really like them. Great work! Looks like they keep up with everything that comes their way! Well done.

  3. The ships are looking very impressive Tamsin! Great work!

  4. Will you be reclaiming fifth place? Paint on girl, paint on!

  5. More shiny ships, go on Tamsin, you can do it.

  6. Go go go... i look forward ot seeing what "tale" you submit with these ships!

  7. Nicely done Tamsin!!
    Complimenti. ciao

  8. Cheers guys and gal!

    @ Brendon - I know that feeling. I kept going because of the tussle with James for the #5 spot, only to realise that Fran's bonkers 15mm zombies entry for the Last stand would zoom straight past us both

    @ Anne - sadly, the big fella will pip me to the #5 spot

    @ Dave - no tale this time I'm afraid