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Sunday, 7 October 2012

WIP: 30YW Extra Dragoons and Camp Bits #2 (Finished); WIP: 30YW More Camp Bits

I managed to get a bit more done last night after posting - the figures all got their Klear/ink coat and when that was dry they were popped off the sticks and based up. This morning I dry-brushed the basing gunk, sprayed with matt varnish then tufted and flocked the bases.

Here are pics of the finished bases:

I might go back and pick out some of the "flowers" with brighter coloured paints at some point.

Yay! The wagons I finished painting up weeks ago finally get based up!

Grouped together as a camp for FoG:R

WIP: 30YW More Camp Bits

This afternoon and evening I've been making good progress on the rest of the camp bits and the livestock which can also be used as ambush markers. The animals are finished in terms of painting; the religious group need a little bit of detailing; the supplies and camp followers are only just started.

Chickens, goats, sheep and piggies

Obviously not for use with protestant armies

I was thinking that perhaps the herdsmen could be painted up as a group of C17th hikers, but I'll probably just go with putting them on the bases with their livestock.

I'll probably be able to get the painting finished tomorrow night, then the basing on Tuesday night. I think that means I'll have to start prepping some more figures to add to the painting queue sooner than I'd thought.


  1. Some great looking figures. Especially like the camp

  2. I'm liking those :-)esp the camp.


  3. Well done. I like your basing style.

  4. Very nice looking camp pieces, love the look of the swine and fowl. Will make it very atmospheric when finished and put together.

  5. Cheers all! glad you like them :)

  6. Wonderful stuff there Tamsin.

  7. Great work Tamsin. Really like the look of the wagons.

  8. Really exceptional job on those wagons. The camp bits are such a nice addition as it wasn't all soldiers in war. This really gives things that realistic touch.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  9. Great work Tamsin, love the way the bases fit together to make the camp. I can see the priest set causes a little trouble!!

  10. Can tell you are a Wargaming Girl - you remembered fields have flowers!

    Nice work there!

  11. All in all an excellent work!

  12. Fantastic paint job Tasmin, the basing is excellent!

  13. Thanks all! Glad you like them.

  14. Wonderful work on those camps!

  15. Nice additions Tamsin love all the extras for the camp!

  16. Really love the camp. I've always had a soft spot for all the ancillary bits-and-bobs that make up a horse and musket army. Well done.