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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Some Old Citadel Miniatures

I haven't done any painting this evening. After my post last night I got stuck into prepping the next batch of figures for painting. So far I've prepped 2 artillery pieces plus crews and bits; 24 horses for the cuirassiers and have started prepping the cuirassiers themselves. I'll also be prepping the 24 "Croat" light horse.

Anyway, onto the subject of this post.

Back at Salute in April, one of the bloggers at the meet-up mentioned that he was trying to get hold of Citadel dark elves from the 1980s. I said I thought I had some back at my Dad's house and would try to dig them out. Well, when I was down for my sister's birthday the other week I looked through the box and found them. I also dug out some orcs, a hobgoblin (I think), 2 ogres and some human characters.

The main problem is....

....I can't remember who the blogger was. If it was you, or you see this and know who it was, please let me know. And if anyone wants the orcs, hobgoblin and ogres please let me know. The humans I'll keep for myself for fun character painting as a break from my normal stuff.

Here are some pics of the figures. Some of them had been primed with white enamel back in the 80s, so I've been doing my best to get it all off - there's still a bit left on the figures, but not enough to obscure any details.

I' pretty sure the three shiny ones were dark elves, but could be wrong (the "slotta" says ELF)

Samurai, berserker, street thug and buccaneer - I should have fun painting these up

Two ugly bu***rs, errmm, incredibly handsome Ogres. 

Orcs and the suspected hobgoblin (on the right).


  1. Hmm? Not sure who that was? I do remember it though, was it Curt?

    1. Nope, not me. Though those figures do take me back to my salad days!

  2. Nice vintage figures.

    Was it Matt?

  3. Is that a ninja rather than samurai. I used to have one of them!

  4. @ Ray - I think it was one of the Scottish guys.

    @ Al - classics indeed. Citadel back then were way ahead of pretty much everyone for the quality and detail of their sculpts (although the three shiny dark elves seem to be from a slightly later period where they went downhill a bit).

    @ Brummie - it might have been Matt

    @ Paul - yup, definitely plenty of character

    @ Phil - nope, definitely a samurai - it says so on the figure's base! :)

  5. Old old Citadel before the power of the ring (of cash tills?) corrupted them


    1. Yup, the good old days when you could walk into a GW store and find products by other companies, when White Dwarf carried articles about (and adverts for )non-GW games or companies :)

  6. I´ve got some of those..dug them out of the cellar the other day..and yep..those were the days..before GW became all powerfull.

  7. Nice find! Painting some fantasy (old school) is a good changeup from historical armies.