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Sunday, 21 October 2012

A bit of an update

I know - things have been a bit quiet on the painting and blogging front for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll be picking up the pace again now.

This weekend I've finished painting the camp and ambush marker bits, done the Klear/ink coat and stuck them onto their bases. This morning I dry-brushed the basing gunk. However, the weather here is crap so I haven't been able to do the matt spray which means tufting and flocking will have to wait.

This afternoon I've been doing basecoats on the various figures I've got prepped. Currently in the painting queue are 24 cuirassiers, 12 pikemen and 18 musketeers plus two guns and crews.

I've got a 650pt game of FoG:R tomorrow night as a practice for the club's ECW tournament; my first tournament game is on Thursday. I'll need to work out my army list this evening and get my figures packed.

Blogging Decisions

I've decided to take a different approach to my blogging going forward. Rather than daily WIP posts, I'll normally only post pics of units when they are finished (well, painted and stuck on bases with gunk at least - given the crap winter weather it may be a long wait for them to be fully finished). I'll probably be doing a weekly "on the workbench" post so that you have an idea of what I'm up to.

I've also decided to drop pic sizes down to 640 x 480. There is a good reason for this - it's one of the camera settings so I won't need to faff around in Paint re-sizing them, which means I can upload them so much quicker.


  1. Here a relaxing sunday...white primed 168 20mm Saxon infantry...;-)


    BTW...sunny day here :-P

  2. Love the ambush markers and quite a bit a progress on the old queue - puts my humble efforts to shame.

  3. A lot of character in those stands. Your blogging choices sound perfectly reasonable. I also sometimes wonder about whether or not to have WIP shots or not. Right now it's all I have to offer but I do like seeing how others paint from time to time. Either way I enjoy your stuff, it's very well done.

  4. To resize your pic you can use VSO Image Resizer 4

    Simple and free. http://www.vso-software.fr/


  5. I only do finished pics as well generally - I find that when I do get the chance to paint I cant afford to waste time faffing about. Plus I'd rather everyone see the final product for the first time and get whatever *WoW* factor (if any!) I've managed to pull off.

    LOVE the altar stand! If you destroy it on the table is there a "Pope Excumminicates you" roll you have to make? :-)

  6. The alter stand is great Tamsin! I have a few of those figures in my own collection.

  7. I am in the same boat as Paul, but being so slow at getting things done I don't get many posts done at all.
    Lovely work on those stands Tamsin.

  8. I love the priests there the stand is wonderful, great job.

  9. Nice results with the Priest's stand.

  10. I loooove the camp stand. Living in "fishing country," I can't help but imagine the first fellow saying "I hooked one THIS big" and the 2nd fellow saying, "Honest, I saw it too!"

    I think it's fine to cut back from daily posts since blogging cuts into painting time. ;-)

  11. Nice work Tamsin, I do like the alter stand.

  12. Thanks guys! I'm pleased with how the altar group has turned out, even if it will only get used occasionally.

    @ Monty - yup, I see it now - "And lo, the Lord did send a fish this big onto my hook"

    @ Marzio - I'll check out that re-sizing software.

  13. I really like those Tamsin, excellent work!