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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Phew! That's a relief!

I was getting a little worried that the WW2 British Paras I'd painted up for Dux had gone missing somewhere between the UK and Australia, but I've just seen that they've arrived safe and sound with him. They actually arrived at a very good time as he was feeling miserable with a nasty head cold and opening the package cheered him up.

Strangely enough, I woke up this morning to a miserable head cold as well. Hopefully it won't affect my generalship tonight - my Swiss have their final outing in the club medievals tournament against Gordon and his "Herman's Dad, Santa" army. I think I'll run a modification of the list I used against Ian last week, ditching the handgunners and fortified camp in favour of more crossbowmen. Before you ask, I have packed my camera and hopefully will remember to use it to take copious pictures of the game.

I still haven't made any progress on the camp/ambush pieces. However, the artillery and cuirassiers are assembled and glued onto sticks to await primer. I'll do that once I've prepped the "Croats".


  1. Good luck tonight, hope the head is clear enough.


  2. Good luck like Ian said, hope to see you Sunday.

  3. I hope what your Generalship won the day

  4. thanks all. Unfortunately my dice betrayed me in the last few turns - it was pretty evens-Stevens up until then. I'll post an AAR with pics tonight