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Sunday, 18 March 2012

WIP: Tamsin's Equine Development Facility #9

It's good to have my mojo back! :)

I got a lot more done on the horses than I'd expected (and planned) to today. Not only did I get all the metalwork done (bits, buckles, tack-decorations), I also got all the saddle cloths painted.

Here are two pics, as you've been such good followers (and I have been a naughty blogger, not posting any for a few days):

For the saddle cloths, plumes, tassels and bridle/tail ribbons I've selected 9 colourful paints. That should ensure that no two horses have the same colours for saddle cloths and decorations.

Still to do: tassels, plumes, ribbons, ground colour on bases. I might even manage to get that done by the end of Tuesday evening.

Edit: oh, and socks and face markings need to be done as well

Eeek! I'd better make a start on prepping some of the riders!


  1. A veritable rainbow of saddle-cloths!

    My daughters sneer at my hobby, so I'll be showing them your blog to prove that it's not just all middle aged blokes. My youngest, horse-mad, daughter will be smitten be these, I'm sure!

  2. Very colourful. Glad to see you are back and humming along with your painting.

  3. @Rosbif - yup, it's mumble-aged women as well! ;)

    @Rodger - cheers! :)

  4. A labour of love that you will look back at soon....


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