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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash - Part 1

After a quick trip to Modelzone to pick up some paints I wanted, I headed up to CLWC for a multi-player game of Ironclads.

The scenario was a French invasion attempt on England in the late 19th Century. I ended up on the British side (I think being seen eating battered sausage and chips earlier persuaded the umpire that my culinary tastes were not suitably Francophile). As Commodore "It's short for, errrr, Bob!" Kate I had commanded of our scout frigate, the Phoebe and an ironclad, the Defence.

Good fun was had by all, the invasion attempt was repelled but the French scored a minor tactical victory.

I took pics, so will try to post them tomorrow night (and hopefully they'll refresh my memory of events for a decent AAR).


  1. Sounds like a good weekend in Vegas...

  2. What? We French never lose! England will be ours, soon.

  3. A win!, excellent work but I was had at Sodomy....

  4. The French won on points, but the invasion was thwarted by Her Majesty's glorious Royal Navy ;)

  5. With pirates? :-D
    I know what you mean about loosing the Painting Mojo. I never seem to not want to paint but sometimes it feels completely "not right" and the result ends up...YUK!


  6. Angry - why else did they start the rumour of the golden rivet....

    Well after repelling boarders it will time to visit the Old Seadog!

    Well done keeping those Garlic munchers at bay !

  7. @ sebastofigs- Why, exactly, would one want England?

  8. Just for the sheer fun of beating the English :)