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Sunday, 4 March 2012

2012 BSB Spring Tour, 3rd leg result

It's still too painful recalling the ignominy of my 25-0 defeat for me to write up a proper AAR, so here are some pics.

Quick notes:

Tim "the Madaxeman" won the pre-battle initiative and selected hilly terrain. We ended up with 2 steep hills, 1 gully and 3 areas of brush. Fortunately the hills and gully were out of the way on the table edges. Unfortunately 2 largish areas of brush were along my rear edge, making deployment awkward.

"I bet those Chinese light horse will sweep down the edge quick smart while we spend several turns trying to get out of this rough ground?"

The unfeasibly huge glass of ale the Sarmatians meatheads had looted on their way from Qin to Western Han China

The BSB tour banner, with the 2nd leg result helpfully added to inspire ("are you sure about that?" Ed.) the meatheads

"I was right, wasn't I?"

"ooh, finally! Now, what's the betting they start shooting at us while we're still in double line, giving them a + POA as we're protected not armoured?"

"Errrmmm, what's the betting we get charged, lose the impact and melee (if it even gets that far), break, then burst through those light horse behind us?"
"Pretty damned likely I'd say!"

"Hmmm, I have a horrible feeling about this..........."

"Yup, they charged us, broke us at impact, we burst through the light horse"
"It was even funnier when the light horse broke and burst through us"
"How come they've only got a red "fragmented" marker?"
"I think Tamsin actually managed to get a decent dice roll and rallied them"

"One more turn and we'll be in single rank!"
"But they probably won't be shooting at us by then!"

"Bleedin' Nora! Lost to crappy levy and they've disrupted us!"
"I hate to say this, but I think those light horse will charge us in the flank and fragment us"
"Don't worry - the battle must be over by now - look at all those broken units of ours"

I suppose at some point I should update the tour banner and take a pic of it.

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