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Saturday, 3 March 2012

WIP: Tamsin's Equine Development Facility #2

Have you been missing me? No? Drat!

Two whole days without me posting! You must have been wondering what was going on. Well, let's see.

On Thursday night I had a friendly 650pt game of FoG at the club (my meatheads against Alan's Early Successor army) and got back a bit too late to post anything. It was a good match, but when we finished I was down 6 points vs 1. If the game had continued, I'd just got into a very nice position with my armoured lancers where I'd have been able to roll up his pike phalanx (2 BGs were nicely positioned so that if he turned the end BG of pikes to take a frontal charge, the other BG of lancers would get a flank charge); on my other wing (where I'd suffered my losses) I was about to break 2 of his BGs of light horse and sweep round into his rear; my skirmishers were in decent positions to hold up his centre groups for a while. I did take a few pics, and might post a brief AAR later on (if I've finished the AAR from my 25-0 defeat!!).

Last night, I had a snooze when I got home from work then relaxed in front of the telly for a couple of hours before starting on the base colours of the horses. By the time I'd finished, it was long past midnight, so I quite reasonably thought it better to go to bed - 120 horses take a long time to paint the base colour onto!!

Today I've been painting manes and tails where they are darker or lighter than the base colour. That took just under 2 hours. In a short while, I'll be doing the muzzles and cannons where those are different to the base colour. It's likely that I won't get time to do the washes, so that step will probably need to wait until tomorrow.

I only realised when I was processing my pics for this post that I hadn't posted pics of the whitewashed/brown washed horses. Oh well, too late. here are pics taken after the manes and tails were done:


  1. They are a lot of horses...

  2. Yes Tamsin, I missed your daily posts.

    Not bad against Alan.

  3. Good work Tas - looks like a lot of work to go yet though!

  4. Lots of nicely painted horses!

  5. @All - cheers!

    @Roby - it certainly is a big herd of them :)

    @Seb - my dice rolls were very mixed on Thursday, especially for the lancers. When some of them charged the phalanx, they lost the impact, passed their CTs, lost the melee (scoring precisely 0 hits!), passed CTs and would have bounced off safely in JAP if we'd got there.

    @Phil - yup, still a lot to do, but once the washes are done it's not too complex.

  6. Thats plenty of horses to keep you busy

  7. That is one hell of project..look forward to seeing it progress - good progress so far.


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