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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Back To Painting Already

I had intended to take a week or so off from painting, but this afternoon I decided to hit the brushes again.

The figures I'm working on are a set of ten Warlord plastic SS for Michael Awdry's "Schloss Itter" project - he asked for volunteers to paint them up in time for Salute (which is now postponed) and I said I'd help out. I've already made good progress and should finish them tomorrow.


  1. Looking forward to the completed figures Tasmin

    French Wargame Holidays

  2. I once joined others in helping a fellow player paint an army for a competition, it got done, but the army was a bit hotchpotch as everyone had painted to their own style and standard.
    Don't be surprised, given Salute's postponement, to get the other SS to do as well when Michael sees this first lot done by your fair hand!

  3. Great to see so many people helping Michael with the project

  4. @ Matt - cheers! Hopefully they'll be done later today! :)

    @ Herkybird - all the others have already been sent out to other folks for painting, so I won't be deluged with more! Michael also provided a painting guide so that they should match the ones he has already painted. :)

    @ Dave Stone - it is indeed. :)

    1. That is good! nice to see Michael is organised!

      I am sooo looking forward to seeing the finished Schutzstaffel!