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Saturday, 30 November 2019

Paint Table Saturday - AHPC X Is Upon Us

Well, in three weeks' time the tenth edition of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge will kick off and an intrepid band of 68 fools figure painters will retire to their workbenches, pick up their brushes, load their palettes, accidentally drink from their brush water mugs, and finally emerge at the end of March.

This year, in amongst working through my leadpile to get to my 1300 points target, I will be one of the Full Minions again. I've been assigned Friday as my duty day but this year it's "free fire" for submissions rather than victims entrants having assigned days.

Now, you might have spotted that my target of 1300 points is much lower than my typical output from previous Challenge editions, particularly last year when I achieved nearly 3500 points. That is because I will be largely focusing on character figures this year, rather than armies.

What do I have lined up for painting this time?

10mm Lizardmen - for James' charity project
15mm SYW Russians - there will be a small contingent of additions for this mega army
15mm SciFi - there may be some more Kra'Vak
28mm Pulp/Gangsters - I've got quite a few figures (including civvies) still left from last year
"28mm" Strontium Dog - some more figures for this project have come (or are coming) my way
28mm Barbarian Horde - a mixed foot and mounted warband for Dragon Rampant; lots of bare flesh, furs, leather and steel
28mm WW2 - there should be a small group of British Airborne hitting the ground
"28mm" Mega City One - errmm, yes, I did succumb and purchase the new Judge Dredd game from Warlord; my order arrived this afternoon:

I have opened up the packs and the figures are very nice indeed. Some of the packs are metal, but most are in Warlord's new resin. There may be some additional purchases made before (the two packs I didn't order) and during the Challenge (the second wave which will be released in January).

And now, the Workbench:

I've made progress but they aren't quite finished. That's mainly the result of my flat being horribly cold at the moment - my boiler broke down on Sunday night and the engineer who was meant to come on Thursday went to the wrong house and naffed off - I've got another booked to come tomorrow morning. However, I suspect that the pump he will need won't be on his van so it will be a few more days until I get central heating and hot water back.


  1. Yikes, no heating or hot water at this time of year!

    Really looking forward to your character figures mate. Thanks for stepping up to the Minion plate again.

  2. Sounds like you're gonna have a busy Challenge Tamsin!

  3. I am sooo looking forward to seeing your Mega City one figures painted!

  4. Sorry to hear about your boiler woes - that doesn't sound all that fun.

    As for your challenge plan - it is, indeed, most impressive, and I am also looking forward to seeing the Judge Dredd stuff. Maybe the only thing that could make your plan even better is for you to put it in a spreadsheet? Just saying......

    1. Forgot to mention in my mass reply below that there might be some terrain creation for the Judge Dredd project. I'm sure that you will approve of that :)

  5. @ Millsy - luckily I have two kettles for boiling water, which is fine for washing and washing up, but I haven't been able to wash my hair since last Sunday :o
    As for my return to full minioning, let's just say that there were implied threats - "Would you consider being a minion again?" - the lack of "please" from a Canadian tells you that refusal is not an option ;)

    @ Ray - but not as busy as previous years :)

    @ Herkybird - so am I :)

    @ Miles - it definitely is not fun; it should be fixed tomorrow though - the engineer who came today didn't have the part he needed, having used the one from his van on his previous job!
    My plan will, hopefully, be more impressive in the quality, rather than quantity, of output. Spreadsheets are indeed marvelous things and I will be using one to keep track of my progress, but not for planning - I find that they can rather stifle the fuzzy logic of my creativity :)

  6. Good luck in the challenge Tamsin, lot's to look forward to in that list, and great progress with the Para's vehicles

  7. Gasp .. Judge Dredd .. I too .. say no more!

  8. Plenty lined up there! I'm doing the challenge but only in an informal sense ;o)
    Hope you get your heating etc sorted

  9. @ Dave stone - cheers! Lots and lots to look forward to :)

    @ Geordie - you too? :)

    @ Matt - yup, lots to do and plenty of stuff in reserve in case I get them all done with time to spare :)