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Sunday, 10 November 2019

Finished: Some 15mm SYW Russian Bits plus an Update

I finally finished these this morning. Well, to be fair, all that needed doing was the flocking.

Crews and Gun

There is a good reason for their being two crews and just one gun - I already have eight crews and nine guns. After taking the photos, I decided to glue all the guns onto crew bases (I've left them loose up to now).


Dismounted Dragoons

I'm not sure that I'll ever get to use these in a game, but as I had some spare musketeers and dragoons it was worth adding them to the collection.

This afternoon I began work on the next board of British paras:

I decided that for this batch I would grab out all the ones who would have the maroon berets (there is another chap in a beret, but that will be green to represent one of the Dutch Commandos who were attached as interpreters for Arnhem).

These should be a fairly quick paint, although one chap might slow the job down as I will have to paint the tartan of his kilt.


  1. Splendid work Tamsin. Just how big is your SYW Russian horde now?

  2. Wow, you really make the 15's pop! Nice brushwork, Tamsin.

  3. What colours! 😎
    So bright, so beautiful! ✌
    Bravo Tamsin! 😀

  4. These look like a rather nice change of pace, but wait more Paras! Great job Tamsin.

  5. Beautiful colors and gorgeous units!

  6. Very stunning especially the red of the guns and crews.

  7. Fantastic work on all Tamsin, the attention to detail with your paras is fantastic including a Dutch commando, genius !

  8. These look fab. Such vibrant uniforms!

  9. @ Mad Padre - thanks! It's very big - enough to fill four foolscap box files, with more to come :)

    @ Pancerni - cheers! The uniform colours for these certainly help with the "pop" :)

    @ L'Empereur - merci! :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! Yes, more Paras to tell your grandchildren about, and mightily bored they will be! :)

    @ Phil - cheers! :)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! :)

    @ Dave Stone - cheers! There's also going to be a chap with RAF blue trousers :)

    @ Simon Q - thanks! :)

  10. Nice work Tamsin. I like the dismounted Dragoons!

  11. @ Fran - thanks! :)

    @ Ray - cheers! They are quite a spiffy addition to my collection :)

  12. Very nicely painted 18th century figures.