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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Finished: 28mm WW2 British Paras Batch 3

And the third batch are finished, at last. This project is rapidly approaching its end (until I buy a load of armed jeeps for the Recce Troop...).

The figures are a mix of Artizan, Crusader and Foundry.

Senior Leaders

The chappie in the kilt is meant to represent either Captain James Ogilvie or Lieutenant David Strathern of the Glider Pilot Regiment, both of whom flew in wearing their kilts.

Junior Leaders

Supports and Specialists

The chap in the blue-grey trousers is to represent one of the RAF personnel who were on the ground and joined in the defence of Oosterbeek; the chap in the green beret is to represent one of the Dutch commandos who were attached to 1st Airborne to act as interpreters. There's also a chap with a Vickers K gun for the Recce Squadron contingent.

Sten Guns

The radio operator will be a forward observer.

Bren Guns


While I had the airbrush station set up for the varnishing, I took the opportunity to prime a few bits and to put down the base colours on the jeeps, trailers etc:

That green might* look rather bright right now, but with some drybrushing, washes and a filter it will look right in the end (trust me - I've done it before!).

Tomorrow I will start painting the (for now) final foot figures for this project.

When they are finished I've got eight** vehicle crew figures to paint and then the vehicles, 3" mortar and 6 pounder.

* OK, it does
** I have another six crew figures but need to add weapons and packs to them.


  1. Fabulous as always! At this rate you will soon be able to do 'Market Garden' 1:1 !!!

  2. So good Tamsin, love that tartan as well.

  3. Excellent progress of the project.

  4. This is a terrific Airborne force. I can't wait to see some AARs.

  5. Fantastic work Tamsin, all the extra details make this a stand out force

  6. @ Herkybird - cheers! Market Garden at 1:1? Maybe parts of it, dear boy, maybe parts of it ;)

    @ Michael A - thanks! Not bad for a first effort on the tartan :)

    @ Whisk - cheers! :)

    @ Benito - thanks! :)

    @ Carole - cheers! Might be a while before there's an AAR as I'll need to get some terrain made up, and possibly an OpFor - I don't think anyone at the club has late war Germans :)

    @ Dave Stone - thanks! :)

  7. These are looking great. Like the additional details of Dutch commandos and RAF personnel.

    1. Thanks! At some point I'll want to add some US infantry with carbines to represent the signalers who were attached to the Division :)

  8. As usual you've done a smashingly brilliant job! Superlatively done!

  9. Replies
    1. PS..just seen you´ve also got BOLA PELANGI bunging his sh*te spam up here as well. IMHO, He/she/it deserves a good pelanging.

  10. @ Jerry - thanks! :)

    @ Paul's Bods - cheers! Thanks for the heads-up about the spam comment - it sneaked through without me getting a notification email; removed now :)

  11. We love those figures!
    So beautifull colours!
    Bravo Tamsin!

  12. Excellent work Tamsin! That kilt absolutely rocks! Will we see some more paras during AHPC X?

  13. @ L'Empereur - merci! :)

    @ Nick - thanks! There may well be a few more paras during AHPC X :)

  14. Fabtastic project, good to see it (almost) finished (I wonder if we ever finish a painting project)

  15. I likes em! Cracking looking camouflage ūüĎć

  16. @ Benito - thanks! There's always something more to add to a project, isn't there? :)

    @ Russ - cheers! :)