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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Finished: 28mm WW2 British Paras Batch 4

Just a small batch this time, with some odds and ends that I bought in the past few weeks. It's not the final batch though - some figures I'd ordered in June from Black Tree Designs finally arrived on Saturday. I've also got the jeeps, trailer, motorbikes and handcarts to finish painting. And some Artizan vehicle passengers.

Foundry Paras in Berets

What's that on the kneeling chap's back?

A 2" mortar I added from a Warlord sprue!

Warlord PIAT and 2" Mortar Teams

I'm rethinking my earlier decision to sell off the Warlord paras I painted when testing out paint schemes. Although that will mean that I have more PIATs than most of the airborne battalions at Arnhem!

Crusader 6 Pounder

The gun seems to be the same one that Artizan sell, but the crew are different. If I keep the Warlord figures, this will take me up to three 6 pounders - I doubt that I'd ever get that many on the table, even in a game of "Big CoC". I now have visions of me ordering the Warlord 17 pounder and 75mm pack howitzer to add to the force, just in case...

I've also painted the crew figures for the Warlord jeeps and the motorbike riders:

You'll get a better shot once the jeeps, etc are painted (probably on Thursday).


  1. More great looking Paras Tamsin

  2. Nice work on these. I suspect that Northstar use the same gun for the Artizan and Crusader stuff they produce.

  3. Aye, Crusader minis are my go to range for WW2!

  4. @ Dave stone - cheers! :0

    @ Paul SS - thanks! I suspect that they do :)

    @ Michael A - cheers! :)

    @ Herkybird - they do have some nice figures, particularly for early WW2 :)

  5. Cool additions. The force is coming along very nicely.

  6. Excellent work. I am planning on using your painting guide to turn out a platoon of my own in 2020.

  7. Love the way you use the term 'finished' but qualify it with 'it's not the final batch though'. LOL, I think we all know that story. Lovely looking figures as always.

  8. @ Simon Q - cheers! :)

    @ Carl - thanks! :)

    @ Dartfrog - cheers! Hope your results are at least as good as mine :)

    @ Tactical Painter - thanks! The "Finished" was just a reference to painting of the batch rather than the project :)