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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Wednesday Workbench and Reading 26 June

And everything is primed! I've decided that tomorrow I will make a start on the tank and Jeeps, then paint up the crew figures. That's mostly just to get them out of the way and to allow me to test the paint scheme for the Paras (apart from the maroon berets - all the Jeep crew figures are in helmets). Once they are done, the SYW Russians will hit the table.

A very well packaged book arrived today from Paul Meekins. So well packaged that you could have driven a tank over it and the book wouldn't have been damaged*. This is it:

I've had a quick flick through and it should be a very interesting read. Although the title suggests that it only covers the Arnhem campaign, it also covers the squadrons earlier and later operations.

Over the last fortnight or so I have built up quite a stack of books to read:

Ermm, yes, that is quite a large stack relating to Operation Market Garden. The other two books are about the Aussies in the Pacific campaigns. "Jungle Cavalry" is about the Independent Companies/Commando Squadrons.

Just to break the monotony of all that factual stuff, I also have these:

The one by "Anonymous" is that 8th and (currently) final book in the Bourbon Kid/Red Mohawk series.

That should be enough to keep me going for a little while.

* some hyperbole may be involved in that statement.


  1. Looks like some nice light reading you have there.

  2. Paint, read, sleep, - don't forget to go out in the sun now and again!

  3. I hope your reading speed keeps pace with your painting rate, Good luck. A great collection of books.

  4. All good. I really enjoyed Beevor's Arnhem, nobody seems to bring the discomfort of the misery of war to the reader quite like he does!

  5. @ Chris - it does indeed :)

    @ Herkybird - I do try to get out in the sun :)

    @ Guidowg - I do tend to read quite quickly, but these should still keep me going for a couple of months :)

    @ Norm - I've just finished it. Very well written, but he does repeat a couple of known fallacies such as the story that Daphne Du Maurier suggested the colours and symbol of the airborne insignia.