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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Tuesday Workbench 18 June

You might be surprised to hear that I have finished prepping all of the British Airborne figures I've received to date. I've also assembled the Jeeps and the 6 pounder, as well as gluing most of the figures onto MDF bases. Unfortunately I ran out of 25mm round bases so have had to place an order for more with Warbases. A few other bits might have found their way into the shopping basket. I might also have a few more items to be purchased from Artizan...

So far, I have got the following ready for priming (Artizan unless noted):

Airborne platoon (Warlord PIAT team)
Forward Observation Officer
Flamethrower team
Vickers MMG team (Warlord)
3" mortar team (Warlord)
6 pounder team, plus NCO (Warlord)
5 other Warlord figures
2 jeeps plus 7 crew/passengers (1st Corps)

Waiting to be based are a few more Warlord figures, the Foundry chaps and the 1st Corps figures. I've decided to paint all of them - the ones I don't need will get sold off.

Before I prime them, I will be adding ground texture to the bases - some of the prone figures haven't been glued down yet as they will be glued on after the texture has been applied.

I'll probably use a couple of the Warlord figures to test my painting scheme out before I paint the rest.

On top of all that, I've assembled the Matilda II and glued (with some assembly) all the new Strontium Dog figures onto plastic bases.

Anyhoos, that's all for now folks!


  1. Another great project ahead of you Tamsin. I'll be watching. I just ordered some DAK for my own WW2 effort.
    I'm sure yours will be up and running long before I'm anywhere near finished. Good luck.

  2. Painting is a never-ending saga! Good luck with yours!

  3. That's quite a force that you have amassed already.

  4. Those look like they be fun to paint - especially the jeeps. Looking forward to seeing the progress

  5. @ Guidowg - it should be a fun project, but there will be a delay before I begin painting as another project has been bounced up to the front of the queue :)

    @ Herkybird - thanks! Maybe one day I'll finish all my projects... :)

    @ Michael A - it is, it is...and more to come, undoubtedly :)

    @ Miles - the Jeeps should be fairly easy to paint as I do have an airbrush. As for the rest, of course they'll be fun to paint :)