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Sunday, 9 June 2019

Broadside 2019

When I woke up this morning, my brain was wide awake, despite the effects of a bout of insomnia and my alarm going off an hour earlier than normal. Unfortunately, the rest of my body was not so awake - cue one shin bashed on the metal bedframe. I promptly reset the alarm and went back to bed for a while with my injured leg elevated

Finally I got up, had a quick breakfast and made my way out of London to Sittingbourne to attend this year's Broadside show. I arrived shortly after the show had opened, so didn't have to queue for long. After a quick perusal of the flea market, I headed downstairs to the main part of the show.

For those who haven't been, Broadside is a cracking little show run by the Milton Hundred Wargames Club, with a good variety of demo and participation games. For its size, it definitely punches above its weight for the traders it attracts.

I took photos of all the tables before I commenced my shopping - I had a fairly short list of things I definitely wanted to buy and there were a few things I was on the lookout for in case any of the traders had them. I was also open to "ooh - shiny!" items.

During the day I met up with a number of people. Early on I met Bob Cordery and David Crook. When I got downstairs I popped over to the Rejects' game for a quick chat with Evil Postie, Ray and Big Lee and dropped off my backpack with them. A while later I met Clint who gave me a small bag of chocolate fudge.

I also had a couple of good long chats (inside the hall and outside having a smoke) with Dave Stone who runs Wargames Terrain Workshop and is (ir)responsible for the "Death Match" game you'll see in the pics later.

I think that's more than enough of an intro blather, so let's get on with photos.

The Tables*

*not all of the tables were games

Echidna Games - Laserblade

All Around The Board - Boardgames

Battlefront - Flames of War Late War

Wargames Terrain Workshop - Death Match

Sarissa Precision - demo of the new terrain tiles system

Man O'Kent Games - Gaslands and their upcoming spaceship combat game

Catalyst Games Lab - Battletech

Milton Hundred Wargames Club

Gravesend Gamers Guild - Kill Team

Skirmish Wargames - Mag Force 7

Deal Wargames Society - Operation Brassard (Invasion of Elba 1944), Assault on Cape d'Efola

SEEMS - The Colonel's Jammed and the Gatling's Dead!, Brits vs Zulus


Postie's Rejects - Battle of Killiecrankie 1689

Maidstone Wargames Society - Corsair vs Mustang - Dogfight '69

Shepway Wargames Club - War in Middle Earth

Friday Night Firefight Club - Trophy Hunting In The Lost Valley

Medway Wargames Society - A Song Of Ice And Fire

Emotionally 14 - Star Wars Legion

 To finish off this post, here's my loot:

I might be starting a British Airborne platoon for Chain of Command...

Another Aussie Matilda and a FOO team

Draft horses and more Stronty Dog

Some bits for modding Hotwheels for Gaslands

Some cheap sable brush sets (£7.50 per set of 6) and freebie key fob and bottle opener

Another jungle village building

Chocolate fudge!

Phew! That's another show post done and dusted!


  1. Thanks for all the pics, smaller footprint games (hooray) seem to have been well supported.

  2. Crackin set of photos Tamsin!

  3. Glad you had a good time at the show, I had a good time at Durham, so am not tooooo envious!!!

  4. Lovely set of pictures. Have fun with your new acquisitions.

  5. Great to see you … and a nice collection of photos (including some of games that I did not manage to see!).

  6. Wonderful show report - Broadside does like like a fine show. I am left wondering one thing - I was surprised to hear you decided to leave your bag with Ray and Lee and was wondering if you got it back from those rascals?

  7. Great pictures Tamsin. Good to see your brush with the cabinet didn't stop you from coming to the show.

    I'll have to have words with Clint, we didn't get any Fudge! (actually I'm relived...on a diet and his Fudge tends to shrink my clothes!!)

  8. What a cracking little show and a great haul to boot.

  9. @ Norm - cheers! The absence of big table games is probably more due to the small size of the venue than anything else. To put on a game the size of Simon Miller's "To The Strongest" would mean bumping one or two other games out of the list.

    @ Ray - thanks! :)

    @ Neil - it is a nice little show, but the small number of traders and games does make the travel down from North London a little difficult to justify the short time you'd need to see all the games and do a little shopping. Although you do have more time to look closely at what the traders are selling :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! :)

    @ Jerry - thanks! I will! :)

    @ Tomsche - cheers! :)

    @ Bob - good to see you too, even if it was just briefly! :)

    @ Miles - thanks! I made sure that I left it with Postie - he might be evil, but can be trusted... :)

    @ Lee - cheers! It was the bed not the cabinet, but I wasn't going to let a little pain stop me. You didn't get any fudge from Clint? That's a disgrace! :)

    @ Michael - thanks! :)