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Friday, 14 June 2019

Friday Update 14 June - Shinies!

Having made some initial purchases on Sunday for a British Airborne platoon for Chain of command, I placed a couple of orders with Artizan (North star) and 1st Corps on Wednesday to fill out the platoon. They both arrived today.

The pack at the bottom right of the photo above was a picking error - instead of a pack of two Para PIAT teams I received a late war British Vickers team.

I decided to take a quick pic to compare a figure from each range:

L to R: Warlord, Foundry, Artizan, 1st Corps
Looking back at a review of the ranges in WSS #74, the 1st Corps figures should be the smallest - clearly that's not the case as they are noticeably taller than the others.

The Foundry and Artizan figures seem to be a very close match; the Warlord figures are a similar height but less chunky although they won't look out of place mixed in with Artizan and Foundry, unlike the 1st Corps figures. For the 1st Corps packs I've ordered it shouldn't be a complete bust as the prone figures won't look as obviously large and the Jeeps will be OK. As that will give me two usable snipers, two 2" mortar teams and two PIAT teams I won't need to order anything else. OK, maybe some more jeeps.


  1. Very nice Tamsin, the perfect start to the weekend.

  2. Excellent, col bill has ,oads of 2nd hand paras

  3. Sunday shopping in the bed with a cup of tea... this the best !
    And what a pleasure to open the package received in the mailbox as if Santa Claus had deposited it there!

  4. Nice! Looks like a pile of fun!
    Best Iain

  5. 1st Corps figures are not only taller but they are noticeably more stocky than figures from other companies. In my army they have their own platoon while my units from companies like Foundry, Black Tree Design and Warlord constitute others. Normally I would not have them as stand alones but the scale is such that mixing them would be noticeable. It will be interesting to see how you take on the Denison smock. And if I may be so bold your TOE should include the 60 mm mortars for each squad as well as their bigger relatives and 6lber AT guns. You can tow them with your jeeps.
    Have fun painting them.

  6. A nice haul you have there.
    I've been playing CoC at the club but in 15mm. I painted up a load of Italians, a mix of both Peter pig and flames of war. I should really post some pics of them.

  7. Nice stuff. Looking forward to seeing how you paint up the smocks!

  8. I like the Foundry para best!, I must admit the Warlord one looks to be...a bit poncy?
    I am always amazed how different figures from different manufacturers can vary in height and build so much!

  9. @ Michael A - it was indeed a great start to the weekend :)

    @ Martin C - cheers! I did pick up a few Paras (PIAT and Bren teams) from Colonel Bill's last weekend :)

    @ L'Empereur - sadly, the Sunday purchases weren't made from bed with a cup of tea - I had to trek down to a show in Kent for those! Luckily these ones were much more leisurely :)

    @ Iain - of course they'll be fun; they're Paras! :)

    @ Jerry - I was going from a (admittedly old) review which suggested they were 27.5mm foot to eye/31mm to top of head when I placed the order - that's obviously not the case.
    I have painted Paras before, a few years ago, so doing the Denison isn't a scary prospect.
    I do have two 2" mortars at the moment - I'll need to get one more at some point. As I'll be using them for Chain of Command, the 3" mortars are off table; I do have a 6 pounder but don't need a tow for it right now.

    @ Dannoc - thanks! 15mm does work well for CoC - it would have been a much cheaper option for me, especially when it comes to terrain, but I do enjoy painting the 28mm figures :)

    @ Millsy - cheers! Hopefully the smocks will look even better than the ones I did for Dux a few years ago :)

    @ Herkybird - the Foundry and Artizan figures are definitely the best, and they match very closely. The Warlord figures are certainly punier, but not so far off that they couldn't mix with the other two :)