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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Sunday Workbench 02 June

Having drybrushed the scrapheap base on Friday, yesterday I made up a dirty brown wash and applied it all over everything. This morning I realised that I made the wash a bit too dark (and maybe too densely pigmented) and I had to redo all the drybrushing. I also added tufts:

Once they were done, I spent a while cutting up nylon scourers for my hedge-making project. This is what I got from a 10-pack of large (15 x 23 cm) ones:

The strips on the left are shorter, the ones on the right are taller. I have enough here to do just over 10m of low hedges and 12m of tall ones. I actually have another two packs of scourers should I wish to make more.

Later this afternoon I will be gluing them onto tongue depressors. The next few days will see me shaping them a bit so that they don't look quite so neat and regular - I won't go too mad with them as they are just for the club, so will get abused a bit.


All the strips have now been glued onto tongue depressors. For the shorter (in height) ones, I had some short (length) strips left over, so I used those to make up some gapped hedges.

And in case anyone thinks that the lower boards aren't full:

Overall I have 79 of the short hedge strips and 83 of the taller ones.


  1. The vehicles look amazingly good, so the extra wash and drybrush may have been a happy accident!
    I have been hit by the same heavy wash problem, as I often paint in sub-standard lighting. I now usually use a watered down (50%) wash (usually with Lahmian medium), and reapply as needed, which seems to have solved the problem for me.

  2. The cars look good now.
    Interested in how the hedges turn out. Looks like a cunning plan.

  3. Scrap cars look great, for some reason Gaslands has just taken off at the club with everyone hitting the bargain bins in supermarkets, 3d printers making gates, tokens and templates and even I've printed a buggy, motorcycles and weapons - oh dear.

  4. C'est l'avenir... les voitures diesel sont à la casse !
    Et tout le monde devient jardinnier !
    We made some hedgerow made with Our Magic Cisors?

  5. Lovely work on the scrapyard terrain. I could use some of those for my ACWII collection. You've been a busy girl!

  6. @ Herkybird - thanks! The lighting wasn't a problem, it's just that the wash dried much darker than I'd expected :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! :)

    @ Graham - thanks! Gaslands does seem to catch people (or do people catch Gaslands?) - I think that people just like modding and grunging up shiny Hotwheels cars :)

    @ L'Empereur - merci! :)

    @ Curt - cheers! These would be a bit too small (1:64-ish) for your ACWII collection :)