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Friday, 28 June 2019

Friday Update 28 June

I mentioned in my last-but-one post that I'd been assembling some MDF terrain, but was waiting for a couple of bits to tart some of them up. Those bits arrived earlier this week and have been added. Today I took advantage of the nice weather and went outside to prime them:

These were all from Warbases. The bits I added were some chimney pots (made from 4.8mm styrene tube) to the house roof; some styrene "H" beams on the underside of the bridge and the sides of the ramps; and some 240 grit sandpaper to the road parts of the bridge and the roofs of the outhouses. I will probably work on finishing painting them this weekend and get them assembled.

I'm quite impressed with these. The connector lugs on the house are the same size as the etched brickwork which makes them much less obvious than on some other kits. The brickwork is also of a more realistic size then on most kits I've seen. The one mistake I did make was when I glued the second outhouse down to the base - it was only much later that I realised I'd put it on in the opposite orientation. Oh, well.

As the weather should be even better tomorrow, I expect that I will get the first batch of hedge sections primed as well. And maybe finish them - they'll just need some ground texturing and flocking.

I've also made good progress on the Matilda II and the Jeeps:

The painting is all done and they have had a coat of Klear. Tomorrow I'll add some mud texture, do some more weathering and hit them with a coat of matt varnish.

Finally, some more figures arrived today:

All Paras from Artizan apart from the pack on the bottom right which are Crusader - I bought those to see how they match. They are a little taller than Artizan and Foundry, but otherwise fit well - they are obviously the taller chaps in the unit, maybe volunteers from the Guards.

These extras will allow me to replace the Warlord figures that are currently in my force - the PIAT team, MMG, 3" mortar and 6 pounder.

Hmm, seems like I have some more prepping, basing and priming to do...


  1. I am so looking forward to seeing the Matilda 2 weathered!--Keep up the good work!

  2. @ Fran - cheers m'dear! :)

    @ Herkybird - will do! :)