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Monday, 29 January 2018

Finished: 15mm Ming Chinese Spear & Bow Unit #4

OK, so that's the fourth and last spear & bow unit done and dusted for my Ming Chinese army. As with the previous unit I went with a slightly brighter coat colour.

I now have 15 units for FoGR/FoGAM with a few more still to paint. and I still need to buy some artillery and arquebusier figures that I'm happy with (the Old Glory 15s are earlier handguns and not right for the army - I might need to order some of the Grumpys ones from Eureka). I should probably also think about adding some tribal warrior troops to the army, but they can wait.


  1. Great colour on the coats, each unit looks quite unique and colourful. Great flag.

  2. Ah, the Boys in Blue! That is destined to be your best unit!

  3. They look really good. cheers

  4. @ Dannoc - thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - you mean they'll survive the first round of melee? ;)

    @ Brendon - cheers! :)

    @ Martin - thanks! :)

  5. Pretty unit indeed! I am foolishly thinking of looking at 15mm (well, 18mm) again now my eye is fixed.`1

  6. I like the slightly brighter coat colors. They'll really pop on the table!

  7. @ Curt - thanks! :)

    @ Dave - cheers! :)

    @ Legatus - thanks! Good luck with your 15/18s! Hope the eyesight is recovered enough for painting them :)

    @ Swelter - cheers! I'm sure they will "pop" on the table, probably as enemy cavalry approach them ;)