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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Sunday Workbench 04 February

Another week, another cold - just after I'd got over the last one. This winter has been atrocious for them - /i think that four days is the longest break I've had between various bugs since the beginning of October.

Of course, this one just had to be the "nose like a running tap" type so I didn't get any painting done until this weekend.

I have finished the Korean "mob" troops - there'll be a post for them on Tuesday. Once they were out of the way I cracked on with the next batch of figures - 36 Ming/Korean heavy bow cavalry. I've got the base coats, points, washes and white markings done. I've also done the bases in Khaki Grey.

Tomorrow I'll get the tack and eyes done. After that I'll be splitting them into three smaller batches for painting the riders (and probably for doing the basing). So there should be at least one more "finished" post before next weekend. Unless I get hit with yet another cold...


  1. You are suffering, aren't you! - I don't get colds very much these days (one of the joys of working at a hospital reception is building immunity!) - I am amazed you manage to paint when not well, I just leave painting till I feel better!
    I look forward to seeing the cavalry units as they progress off the production line!

  2. I have been hit by 'that' bug three times in total and does it linger!

    Those mounted bow are going to have a lot of 'presence' when based.

  3. @ Herkybird - I was over the worst of it before I restarted the painting; Monday to Thursday I was just too drained to do anything other than watch TV. The cavalry will definitely look good when they're done :)

    @ Norm - apart from one which lingered for a few weeks, they've mainly lasted 2-3 days followed by a day before the next one strikes.
    The cavalry will definitely make an intimidating sight...until I roll the shooting dice for them! ;)