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Monday, 22 January 2018

Finished: 15mm Ming Chinese Spear & Bow Unit #3

Contrary to my post yesterday, I actually finished the basing on these last night, but waited until today to post pics.

This is the third spear & bow unit for my Ming Chinese, which will be closely followed by the fourth.


  1. Great work good color good basework

  2. Keep it up girl! - I imagine you paint in your sleep!

  3. Great looking unit and flag too.
    Impressive production rate.

  4. Nice looking unit Tamsin. Glad to see you're still at the painting table even if not in the Challenge this year.

  5. Excellent work Tamsin. Love that shade of green and the flag too!

  6. Thats a great green shade there, love it

  7. @ Alex - thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! Sadly any painting I do in my sleep is purely imaginary and doesn't reduce my unpainted lead mountain ;)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! I can't take credit for the flag though - it's from LBMS :)

    @ Peter - cheers! It's definitely nice to be painting without the pressure I'd put myself under if I was doing the Challenge :)

    @ Ray - thanks! :)

    @ Tom - cheers! If I remember right, it VMC Park Green Flat :)