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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sunday Workbench 10 September

Now, about those AARs I keep saying I'll write up...well, you see I keep getting caught up doing other more pressing things like reading new books, the odd bit of figure painting, surfing the web for more stuff to order, you know the drill. I *will* get them done this week - promise!

So, what's on the workbench? Well, I've finished painting and varnishing the Russian dragoons, pinged them off the sticks and glued them onto their bases:

At some point this week I'll add the basing gunk to these and the grenadiers, then drybrush when it's cured and add some static grass.

During the week I also got the Star Destroyers cleaned off with white spirit, followed by a soak and scrub in warm soapy water to clean that off. Quick rinse and dry then I did a black oil wash, left it for a few hours then wiped off the excess from the surfaces with a white spirit soaked rag.

They do look much better but I think they could do with a white or very light grey drybrush. I'll do that at some point this week, then add some identifying marks in different colours before doing a spray coat with satin varnish. I'll also be doing the TIE fighters and interceptors this week, or making a start on them.

A few more purchases have arrived:

Short bamboo stalks and books from Amazon

Most of my order of Ming Chinese and the extra Koreans to do Pikemen bases.

A big bag of herbs for ground scatter - I might have overdone it a bit!

A couple of cheap statues for jungle terrain (28mm figure for scale)

I also received a bag of 250 ball bearings to add to my paint droppers as agitators and some 50ml and 100ml dropper bottles for big paint/wash mixes (no pics of those).

I've got a few more orders still to come in - some longer bamboo stalks (from Amazon), some cheapo Chinese-made trees (various, from Ebay) and odds and sods like tongue depressors.

Anyhoos, back to work tomorrow after my week off...


  1. Which manufacturer and what blue did you use? It's a good color and shows up well.

  2. That looks like a fine end to the week a great haul.

  3. Nice Dragoons, I am getting into WoSS so I can appreciate the armies and troop types more now

  4. Loads going on! Great looking statues. Looking forward to seeing the jungle come together...

  5. Those statues are going to look great all done up. Do you have any small monkeys, or baskets of offerings to leave on the statues? :)

    ...and can you *really* overdo it with mixed herbs?

  6. Great looking Dragoons Tamsin. Can't believe you're still buying more Koreans!

  7. Lovely dragoons and I really like those statues!

  8. I think only 4 regiments of Russian dragoons made it to the front in the 7YW, the rest had to fight dismounted!
    Those look lovely, you need to do the Horse Grenadiers next!

  9. You've certainly been busy...can't say I have picked up a brush in weeks.

  10. very busy aren't you? All looking excellent as we expect.

  11. Those dragoons look great well done Tamsin.

  12. @ Justin - the dragoons? The figures are Essex; the blue is a mix of Medium Blue and Andrea Blue (VMC) - it's actually a touch darker than you see in the photos.

    @ Stuart - thanks! :)

    @ Geordie - cheers! :)

    @ Millsy - thanks! The jungle will probably be next year as I have a few things waiting in the wings to do before AHPC8 :)

    @ Paul - cheers! No monkeys and such yet, but I will almost certainly add them at some point :)

    @ Ray - thanks! I'm only buying enough to do a few bases as "pikemen" for aDLG. The Ming allies could become a fairly big army though; then I'll just need some Samurai to oppose both ;)

    @ Curt - cheers! I'm almost tempted to buy a couple more of the statues as (non gaming) ornaments :)

    @ Herkybird - thanks! This is the 4th dragoon regiment for my collection; I've already got the other three and all five horse grenadiers. I thought the rest of the dragoons stayed back to keep an eye on the borders with the Tatars and the Turks? :)

    @ Lee - Not as busy as I sometimes am, but still keeping my hand in :)

    @ Paul - Thanks! I'm just building up towards the busy-ness of this winter's painting challenge :)

    @ Willie - cheers! :)

    1. Re Russian dragoons - I agree, but only a portion fought in the west, I don't consider the border with the Turks a part of the 7YW! I wish I had all the Russian cavalry you have!

    2. I don't consider the border areas part of the SYW either which is why I won't be painting the other 16 dragoon regiments!