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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sunday Workbench 03 September

Until today, I haven't done much on the painting front since my last post.

I did put an oil wash on the remaining Star Destroyers but managed to thin the paint too much which caused the pigments to separate out. That left a fairly bright blue in the recesses so I've soaked them in white spirit and scrubbed them with a toothbrush to remove as much as possible. I then washed them in soapy water to get rid of the white spirit. I'll try again with a thin black oil wash this week. I also took a look on Shapeways to see if anybody had made suitably sized TIE fighters and found some - I've ordered a couple of packs of TIE fighters and Interceptors.

I did play another game of ADLG on Thursday and suffered a big defeat against a Feudal English army led by Eddy the Oneth. My own tactical stupidity was as much to blame as my poor luck rolling for arrival of my flank march - the cavalry did arrive, but not in time to engage the enemy before my infantry were destroyed. I will write up an AAR this week, and one for the game against the Samurai which I meant to write up last week.

Discussing the game with my opponent afterwards convinced me that I should sort myself out with a Ming Chinese allied contingent. I've placed a small order for the figures I need this afternoon, and a pack of Korean spearmen to make up a couple of "pikemen" bases for ADLG.

At work this week I was helping with the clearout of a lab where the main researcher has moved to a new job in Germany. I spotted that they had some plastic aquarium plants which were destined for the bin, so I nabbed rescued them from that fate. I gave them a good soak in dilute disinfectant and rinsed them off. Quite a decent haul to add to my collection of foliage for when I finally start making the jungle terrain:

This afternoon I made a start on painting the combined grenadiers for my SYW Russians. I should finish them this week.

I should get these painted along with the dragoons by next weekend as I'm on leave this week. Then I might finally get around to the command groups I promised to the others in the SYW side duel during the last Challenge.


  1. As ever, your dedication to our wonderful hobby is inspiring!
    We are doing 7 Years War 15mm on Saturday, and you almost make me want to get my Russians out!

  2. The grenadiers ate comeing along nicely Tamsin.

  3. The grenadiers ate comeing along nicely Tamsin.

  4. Defeat teaches lessons that victory will ignore.

  5. Good work on getting the aquarium plants. They are going to look pretty damn good as a jungle board.

  6. Nice Jungle save. Are you coming to Colours on the 16th Tamsin?

  7. @ Herkybird - cheers! Take the Russians - you know you want to :)

    @ Ray - thanks! :)

    @ Justin - if that were true, I ought to be the best tactical commander in the world by now given the regularity of my defeats ;)

    @ 1d4 - indeed they should, if I ever get around to making the jungle terrain ;)

    @ Simon - thanks! If all goes to plan I should be there on the 16th :)

    1. I did not write that defeat led to victory. :)

  8. Great score with the aquarium plants and I look forward to seeing your work on the Star Destroyers.