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Monday, 12 December 2016

Sunday Workbench

Well, it has been a rather busy and productive weekend. After posting last night I did some work on the scatter terrain pieces I made a few weeks ago. I wasn't happy with the colour (basecoat too dark) so I went back over them with a lighter base colour, then drybrushed as before.

I'll finish them off during the week.

This afternoon, over three sessions, I primed the figures I showed last night. I also added Milliput to the last 14 figures (I got 10 others done last night, which got primed today).

As well as all that I've been prepping some 15mm grav tanks and APCs for the "Armour" bonus round in the Challenge. No pics of those though.

Tomorrow night, errmm, tonight by the time you read this, I'll hopefully be playing ironclads at the club so there won't be any more work done until Tuesday.


  1. Hope you're having/had fun at the club. Do they serve food there too?

  2. Good to see this horde primed and ready for the Challenge, Tamsin. Hopefully I'll be able to see the 15mm Grav Tanks and APCs on the Chat at some point, as I always like to see the "GZG" stuff.