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Thursday, 29 December 2016

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 10

I've actually been back home since Tuesday, but didn't have anything to post until today. Since last Friday, I have been busy prepping the figures that arrived just in time for Christmas and I'm almost done with them now - just 72 left to finish off and wash.

Today I actually did some painting. The grav tanks and APCs got touched up, then given two coats of Klear to protect the camo before the rest of the painting and to make washes flow better into the recesses. I also primed the Nubians that I prepped over the break.

So, here's what's on the table right now:

Yup, I've decided it's time to do the Nubians - that should be a tidy little points bomb. Before making a start on them, I decided to do a little test on the slave figures for the baggage camp as the first step will be washes to darken the flesh:

Vallejo Burnt Umber; no wash; Vallejo Black

Vallejo Burnt Umber/Black (1:1); my brown wash; my brown/black washes (3:1)
The best results overall seem to be from the Vallejo Black and my brown/black washes, with the mix of Vallejo Burnt Umber and Black not far behind. I think I'll stick with the Vallejo Black wash for simplicity's sake. The plan is to base coat the hair and then do the washes tomorrow morning then play it by ear for the rest of the painting.


  1. Hi Tamsin,
    Have you ever considered just taking a week of your acation so that you would have nine days of unbroken painting time for this competition? just an idea....

  2. I think I prefer the brown/black washes (3:1)...

  3. the vallejo wash is good isn't it? I like the ease of flow and the consistency.

  4. Looks like this will be another fine paint bomb

  5. @ Jerry - I have done that during previous Challenges, and might do it again this year. I do have a few days booked off at the end of the Challenge to get final entries finished :)

    @ Millsy - I like it too, but the Vallejo washes will be easier overall :)

    @ Paul R - they're definitely good washes and I prefer them to the GW ones [I tried both against each other last year] :)

    @ Francis - they'll look even better when painted :)

    @ Dave D - should be about 450 points when they're done :)