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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Saturday Workbench

Yet again a few days pass without a post from me. That's the trouble with this period, the lull before the storm - nowt to post most of the time. I have been busy though, as you will see below!

Latex Rivers from Early War Miniatures

Well, "flowing streams" as the company call them...

I finally got round to painting them up this week and flocked the banks this afternoon. I think they've come out quite nicely.

I might add some tufts and clump foliage at some point but they'll do for now.

Figure Prep - Salutesville

I've also been working on the basing of the mass of figures I've prepped for Salutesville. A few weeks back I added Milliput to some figures' bases and some coarse pumice gel to a few others (the ones which will be on rough ground). I got round to carving the Milliput this week to give a coarse woodgrain effect as well as filing down the excess at the edges. Whilst doing that I found that the Milliput hadn't fully mixed in some places - I think it had gone off, so I ditched it and bought some new (standard rather than terracotta). I've used that to build up the bases of a decent bunch of figures last night and this afternoon.

There was a little bit of Milliput left over this afternoon, so I decided to make some sandbags for Ray, just in case he runs out (as if!) during the Challenge.

I've got 24 more figures to add Milliput to. I'll probably do those tomorrow.


I also prepped and assembled the Raging Heroes "Jailbirds" character figures I bought recently. I decided that I wanted these to be a bit special, so I had decided to put them on the resin bases I bought last week. That meant pinning them in place. And then doing the fiddly assembly.


Mad Nurse Bernadette (or is that Docherty?)


Harry the Hippo

The fifth member of the group was almost a disaster - her right arm disappeared at some point. Luckily I had a spare arm from Punky which I was able to use, but it did mean having to do some other conversion work - cutting the hand and foregrip off the flamer and adding a strap made from slivers of 0.25mm plasticard. I think it came out OK in the end:

(Oh No! it's...) Yoko

This crew should be a fun test of my painting skills. Quite a bit of work to do though with all the different bits on the bases.

Tomorrow is going to see me doing a lot of priming with the airbrush.


  1. Great stuff Tamsin!! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Jailbirds being put together, and some great basing on the Pulp Minis too :-)

  2. tons of stuff there. I just can't seem to handle Milliput in the way that others do, I just get it everywhere. I know there is a knack ...... I just don't know what it is.

    The bit of plastic card on the figure really makes a nice touch.

    I'm sure you do, but I thought it worth mentioning that when doing rivers, I write down the exact colours, additives and painting technique such as blending I use, in case I buy more pieces in the future, so they will match.

  3. looking forward to seeing you putting paint on some 28mm figures.

  4. Basing like a demon on speed Tamsin!

  5. Amazing looking figures. Can't wait to see how they paint up

  6. Those jailbird figures look really well detailed and should look fantastic.

  7. Fantastic!!! There's always so much minis on your posts, it's a joy to watch xD
    Those river parts look really cool!

  8. Those river parts are great - what scale are they?

  9. Great looking streams/rivers. Some awesome minis coming up for the challenge! Good luck with it :D

  10. @ Blax - cheers! :)

    @ Norm - it manages to work itself all over my hands and under my fingernails when I'm using it, so you're not alone. I have made a note of how I painted the river sections, but I don't think I'll be buying more :)

    @ James B - I don't know if I'll be painting any of these during the Challenge - depends on time. I do have some 28mm which will get painted though :)

    @ Francis - cheer m'dear! :)

    @ David C - thanks - they should be a fun paint :)

    @ Dannoc - they are incredibly well detailed, I guess that's what comes from digital sculpting :)

    @ Tiago - cheers! :)

    @ Herbert - they're just under 7cm wide and advertised as for 15-20mm figures :)

    @ Simon Q - thanks! Lots to keep me busy :)

  11. Some of those bases look like cookies/biscuits to me.