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Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday Night Musings

Nope. The muse hasn't shown up. Oh well, guess I'd better just post an update of sorts.

Last weekend I placed an order for some bits and bobs from Essex Miniatures - the limbers I'd forgotten before, 2 wagons and some bits for my Sea Peoples and Nubians camps (a Sea Peoples ox cart and some slaves carrying goods). they arrived on Wednesday and with nothing else to distract me, I cracked on with prepping them. the wagons and limbers are of course for my SYW Russians.

This is what came:

I also ordered some more MDF bases from Tiny Tin Troops, but you don't want pics of those.

Good, didn't think so!

This evening, I got all the horses and slaves stuck onto painting sticks, and assembled the wagons, limbers and the ox cart.

I'll be priming them tomorrow morning (not the ox cart - that will get primed alongside the rest of the Sea Peoples). The I guess I'd better do some terrain painting just to keep me out of mischief.


  1. Ooh, nice one - will we be seeing the Sea Peoples in the Challenge at all?

  2. Very much looking forward to seeing your Sea Peoples painted, Tamsin. Though I'm a bit worried about it influencing me dabbling with "Warlord Games" 28mm range as a result...

  3. I'm with the others bring on the Sea People.

  4. Just so full of busy. Great to see

  5. @ Evan - that's the plan if the rest of the figures arrive in time for me to prep them. Likely to be towards the end though :)

    @ Miles - it does indeed, but by a piffling amount this time :)

    @ Blax - you're probably looking forward to seeing them painted more than I am to painting them...multi-coloured kilts, painted armour, bronze weapons... :o :)

    @ Dannoc - it'll be a couple of months before I even begin to think about painting them I'm afraid :)

    @ Graham - that little lot wasn't enough to count as being busy, for me at any rate :)