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Sunday, 18 December 2016

750K and FlockBox Experiments Pt2

Gosh! It seems that the rogue Russian and US webcrawlers have pushed me through the 750k page view threshold even sooner than expected. If bots could be thanked, I would do so. Well, perhaps not as it does rather distort the true viewing figures for this blog and those of others.

Anyway, back to the FlockBox experiments. The new ones haven't arrived yet, so yesterday I did some experiments to test different backing materials. It turned out that I didn't need to buy a 12V adaptor - the one for my spray booth was the right type. So I cracked on with the tests.

1. Silicone paper (sample strip that came with the FlockBox)
2. Sticker/label backing
3. Plastic from a "punched pocket"
4. Plastic from a document cover
5. Foil-backed siliconised parchment (paper side)
6. Foil-backed siliconised parchment (foil side)

i) For some reason, the tacky glue grabbed really strongly onto the plastic and foil such that the tufts couldn't be removed. I may have to do some tests with other glues (PVA, Copydex) to see if the same happens with them. The sticker/label backing also grabbed a bit and the larger tufts were difficult to remove without tearing.
2.The silicone paper and the siliconised parchment were equally good for tuft removal without any tearing of the larger pieces.
3. The two plastic pieces must have developed quite a good static charge - the next two photos show them after letting the glue dry them blowing and brushing the excess off - it was almost as deep as the tufts!

I then did a test using 4mm and 6.5mm static grass to see if the switch from 9V battery to 12V adapter improved things. It worked a treat, although the longer grass takes more effort than the shorter grass.

I did make a bit of a booboo - I should have done them on separate pieces. the result was that the green 6.5mm grass managed to find bits of glue in the 4mm tufts to get stuck to. Mind you, it created quite a nice vari-coloured effect.

The Curtgeld figures got prepped and washed last night. I've glued them on bases today and will be adding basing sand later on. I need to wait a bit before priming them as one figure was missing its weapon (Dave has found it and will send it on).


  1. Bravo on the milestone, bots aside it is still a big number and testament to your prolific posting. Loving the tuft test too.

  2. congrats, I think 750k is more to do with you huge body of work than the Russians thinking you have stuff they can give to wikileaks. Tufts look brilliant

  3. 750k wow that is a lot.
    The tufts look great. Very realistic..

  4. nice tufts... thanks for the update on those

  5. Great stuff Tamsin, bots or not that's a corking readership score!! Thoroughly enjoying these posts ref flocking etc :-)

  6. Great blog Tamsin - and those Tufts in the last two pictures look fantastic . Will you be taking orders anytime soon?

  7. Interesting post Tamsin and waiting for you to go "commercial" once you're happy.

  8. Congrats to the bots regardless!

  9. Congrat's on reaching 750K Tamsin! Enjoying your tufts experiments too, I did some a few years ago. I found that the tin foil type stuff made the best but hard to remove. I settled in the ens for PVA and baking paper. Good luck and I look forward to your results.

  10. Yeah those bots are annoying :( But Congratulations none the less

  11. I'm enjoying watching you experimenting with the sattic flock and do wonder if I could duplicate your efforts - so how muchtime have you spent on thhis venture is the question ?

  12. Lovely work with the static grass, interesting results too


  13. @ Michael A - thank you m'Lord! I'm sure you meant "Brava!" :)

    @ Martin C - cheers! As for the wikileaks snooping, they won't find that stuff on my blog ;)

    @ Markus - thanks! I'm pleased with the results of my flocking tests :)

    @ Dave D - cheers and you're welcome! :)

    @ Blax - thanks mate! :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! I'll only be making tufts for myself at the moment; maybe after the Challenge I might make some escess for sale/gifts for people :)

    @ Paul R - thanks! It will be a while before I even think about going "commercial" :)

    @ Francis - indeed; without them I'd be a long way from having 750K hits :)

    @ Rodger - cheers! I think the combination of the foil backing on siliconised parchment paper is the ideal backing for doing them the foil helps with the static field and the siliconised paper makes them easy to peel off :)

    @ Adam C - thanks! At least they don't seem to distort the stats for individual posts :)

    @ Zabadak - about two hours total so far, but a lot of that has been switching between sheets, adding the glue and also changes of flock. Working on larger sheets of same-sized tufts should make things much more efficient :)

    @ Ian - cheers! :)