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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday Workbench

Yesterday I did get the wagons, limbers, horses and slaves primed:

While I was doing that, I realised that I hadn't finished getting the Korean regulars and irregulars ready for the Challenge. Although I'd glued them onto bases, I hadn't added basing texture because I was waiting to see the results of my trial using coarse pumice gel on the crossbowmen. Having decided that that wasn't the way I wanted to go, for the rest of the Koreans I went with the tried and trusted method - spread superglue on base, dunk in a pile of medium grey ballast, shake of excess, leave to dry, seal with watered down PVA, leave to dry.

I got the superglue/ballast stages done in the morning, then went into town to do some shopping. The only hobby shopping was a stop into Dark Sphere to pick up a couple of paints I'm going to need and some Micro Art Studio resin bases for my Raging Heroes figures. Here's the loot:

Today, in between shopping and chores, I've been priming the Koreans. I've got them all done, ready to go for the Challenge:


I might do some terrain bits tonight, but then again I might decide to take it easy.


  1. More impressive work. How do you find basing up the miniature before you start painting? I've toyed with the idea but have not gone with it as it looks to fiddly.

  2. I have now got more figs prepped than I will paint during the challenge, still end up prepping some more though. Good work on yours, plenty to keep you busy during the challenge


  3. Those wagons will look pretty neat when you get them all painted up.

  4. Stopping in to say howdy and Happy Christmas!

  5. @ Dannoc - cheers! To be blunt, it's a pain in the neck for painting, but adding the ballast after painting was even worse :)

    @ Ian - thanks! I've probably got more figures prepped than I'll paint, but I want to try to push myself. I'll have at least enough to meet my 2600 point target :)

    @ Rod - I'm hoping so! :)

    @ Whisk - thanks for dropping by and wishing you a boogie-boogie Xmas! :)