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Sunday, 12 June 2016

SYW Russian Generals Day One

"Two posts in one day? My word, she's treating us!"

Indeed I am, but the first one should really have been done yesterday although it wouldn't have been as far along.

Anyway, after getting chores done I cracked on with the six generals. It's amazing how quickly you make progress when there's just a handful of figures and the paint schemes are relatively simple. Here's where I've got to:

As the cloaks were such a large area with lots of folds, I gave them a blue wash then highlighted in the original shade.

All that's left to do is highlighting the flesh and the green of the uniforms, painting some details, the metalwork and touch-ups. I should be able to do all that tomorrow evening and might even be able to get as far as sticking them onto bases. That means this batch will be finished much sooner than anticipated...

Once these are done, I'll switch to the superheroes/villains for the guy at work, then I'll work on my review figure from Raging Heroes. After that it will be time to paint up some more Russian infantry (and place an order with Essex for some more cavalry - hussars, dragoons/horse grenadiers and cossacks).


  1. Cracking stuff Tamsin, the cloaks look tremendous.

  2. Really taken with the figures in cloaks; very nice work. When I was clearing the loft, I 'found' a French 7YW army I thought had gone West ages ago, so I think I ought to invest in some opposition - as if I haven't got enough on the go! ;O)

  3. I was looking for a example of a uniform from a Russian General! And these look good so far!