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Friday, 3 June 2016

Hussar! Decent Progress Today

I'm definitely feeling much better today and have made decent progress on the - as you may have guessed from the post title - hussars this evening.

So, some WIP pics:

I probably won't finish painting them tomorrow as I've got lots of fiddly details still to do. they should be finished on Saturday, but I won't be able to do the basing until next week. Mind you, I may hold off on basing until I've finished painting the cuirassiers and commanders and do them all as one big batch.


  1. Great work, too fiddly for me to paint so I admire anyone who can :-)

  2. Looking really good so far!

    Cheers, Ross

  3. Beautiful Hussars, love the blue ones, just amazing!

  4. Good to hear that you are on the mend, lovely job Ma'am.

  5. Everything you would like cavalry to be! Bright colourful and dashing!

  6. These are coming along very nicely - so much cavalry!

  7. I knew these would be wonderful eye candy the minute you mentioned you were doing them!

  8. @ Jonathan - thanks! :)

    @ Loki - cheers! :)

    @ Da Grobbo - thanks! I hate the fiddly work, but it can't be avoided all the time :)

    @ Ross - cheers! :)

    @ Phil - merci! :)

    @ Michael A - thank you m'Lord! :)

    @ Clint - indeed! Huzzah for hussars! :)

    @ Neil - thanks! :)

    @ Pawn Cocktail - cheers! Only 18 cavalry in this batch (and another 18 to follow)! :)

    @ Millsy - if you like these, just wait until I get to do the Gruzinskiy, Moldavskiy, Novoserbskiy and Slavianoserbskiy regiments :D

  9. Good to hear you're feeling better! Great work so far on the Hussars!