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Monday, 14 December 2015

One Week To Go - Gulp!

Just under actually. Double gulp!

I'm gradually getting my act together. This weekend I started by sorting my 15mm Koreans for the Righteous Army. I also sorted the cavalry figures and glued their horses onto painting sticks.

My plan for today was to glue the infantry figures onto bases ready for painting. However, at that point I discovered that I only had three bases of the right size in my stock. Eeek! I also discovered that I didn't have quite enough bases for the Seven Years War contingent. Double eeek! That set me off on a quick purchasing mission to Tiny Tin Troops. I also decided to place an order to Warbases for some 30mm circular bases for the Aztecs and *might* have ordered a few animals as well.

This evening I have been doing some paint-scheme testing for the Aztecs (well, their skin) and checking out different greys and browns for my 6mm Rebs. I'm happy with my choices for the latter but the Aztec skin still needs some work - I need to reduce the number of steps to something that will be manageable for painting batches of figures to a reasonable standard. This is where my last test ended up:

Getting my painting station organised is an ongoing job. This weekend I bought and assembled a bookcase to add some shelving on my desk:

Tomorrow night I'll be out at the club gaming. Gavin is putting on his WWI aviation game again - chocks away and tally ho!


  1. When I have to do large areas of skin tone I simplify things to just three steps:

    1. Base coat of your chosen flesh colour.
    2. Painted on mid-tone dip (in my case a tinted varnish, not the expensive stuff).
    3. Dry brush of 50/50 base coat / buff.

    Works a treat and you can do loads in one go. Anything over about 20 minis and the first mini is almost dry by the time you reach the end of the run.

  2. Excellent progress Tamsin and I've just read that I have the great privilege of having your good self to oversea my entries - fabulous news!

  3. I shall watch with much interest as you paint the Aztecs. They have always been something I have wanted to paint but was too scared to. But if you lead the way maybe I will follow.

  4. Lots of prep work here - I like Mr Mills painting tip and will try it with my AWI Indians

    Good lick with this years challenge!

  5. You're motoring a long well Tamsin!

  6. Looking forward to the challenge and your tremendous output.
    Good luck

  7. Looking mighty fine Tamsin, they're coming along nicely!

  8. Not long now. Prep Mania has taken a firm grip on my hobby table.

  9. Here I was thinking that I was well prepared for the challenge, but as usual Tamsin your efforts put us to shame...

    Good luck to all in the Challenge!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Good luck with the upcoming deadline. I get stressed when I've got a single fig to paint with my self imposed deadline of New Year's!


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