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Saturday, 19 December 2015

12 Hours To Go

Actually, by the time I finish writing this post it will be closer to 9 hours, but I doubt I'll be up that early to crack on with painting figures when the Challenge officially begins. After all it'll be Sunday and I'll fancy a lie-in.

So, what's been going on since my last post?

I didn't make it to the club for the WWI aviation game on Monday as I was feeling absolutely whacked. I did make it to the club on Thursday for a game of ADLG with Howard though - my Swiss against his Lancastrians. I made a rubbish deployment and then compounded it with crap decisions during the game. It was very close though, but I lost in the final turn. Here are a couple of pics:

My orders from Tiny Tin Troops and Warbases arrived on Thursday and were waiting for me when I got home from the club.

I did mention that the Warbases order included some animals - a grizzly bear, a pair of red deer and a quartet of wolves. I'll be prepping them shortly.

Later tonight I'll be gluing the Koreans onto their bases and possibly adding the ballast to them for texture as with my previous efforts. I'll definitely be gluing the cavalry riders onto their horses. Hopefully that will leave them ready for priming tomorrow.

As for my painting plans for tomorrow, I'm in a bit of a toss-up between basecoating the 6mm Rebs with a uniform grey (my plan is that later I'll go over that with other greys and browns on random figures to give a mixed "campaign" look) or doing a couple of individual character figures. I guess you'll have to wait and see.


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