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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Challenge Day 9 - Just A WIP

Just a teaser pic of my current WIP. Rather than working on any normal submissions, I've spent the day working on my nostalgia round entry. I've now got all the figures for it painted; just the base scene to complete now (and I've got that part done).

Tomorrow I'll be working on some character figures - if I'm good, I might even finish them and get them submitted..

Anyway, that's more than enough blather for a filler post.


  1. I love how clean and neat your work space is.

  2. Nice work area and awesome collection of paint. I like how your paint is organized too.

  3. Sheesh! That paint desk looks too tidy and well organised. I don't think my work area has ever been so neat.
    Good luck with the ongoing Challenge :)

  4. How's the new painting bench setup working out?
    I also just finished painting my figure for the nostalgia entry

  5. Far too neat and tidy. Not what I expect from any of the rejects!

  6. Well well what a tease. Shall look forward to seeing your nostalgia entry.

  7. That's a very tidy looking table, far too clean and tidy for me!! I can't make out what you're painting? But i guess that was the idea?

  8. While mine still looks like a bomb hit it...

  9. @ Whisk - the neatness is only temporary! :)

    @ Ted - cheers! I got the idea of using nail varnish racks from another blog I saw ages ago :)

    @ Francis - it wouldn't normally be like this, but it has to be for a while as I've only got one desk at the moment for painting, computer and use as a dining table! :)

    @ Roy - once I get my living room back, it won't be this neat! ;)

    @ Miles - it seems to be working OK; just a PITA moving things around when I switch activity :)

    @ Clint - it's a purely temporary state, I assure you! :)

    @ Simon - that's the whole idea! I can't show any close-ups as the Nostalgia entry is hush-hush! :)

    @ Ray - indeed it was! Just a quick pic to show that something is going on, but not enough detail for anybody to work out what exactly I'm up to :)

    @ Evan - errmm, yes, sorry about that thousand-pounder. Could have sworn I had the coordinates for Millsy's shack ;)


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