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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Challenge Day 3 - To Be Frank...

Yup, time to post my first entry here as it's been up on the Challenge blog for at least 24 hours.

My opening entry was this 28mm figure from Hasslefree, based on a character from a certain British television series.

Frank is a hopeless case - a drunk, druggie, petty thief and all that, but he is one of life's philosophers and loyal to his family and friends.

Some more pics:

Anyway, this opening salvo put me on the board with a whopping 5 points. Just 995 to reach my target!

My second entry has been posted here - they take me 30 points nearer to my target. If I keep going at this rate, I'll soon find myself raising my target - better slow down girl!

This evening I've continued with the rest of the civvies. I've got 4 almost completed, leaving the final touches on them and the other two to paint fully tomorrow if I want them in before I leave London.

WIP pic:



  1. Happy Saturnalia - Tamsin. Yes, the cranks left, finally. I just had to settle in for the day. Thanks for the holiday wishes.

    Happy Winter, Happy Christmas, Happy 2016.

  2. Great start Tamsin! All ready feeling the pressure in this year's challenge.

    Season's greetings to you.

    Cheers, Ross

  3. I did enjoy Frank, such a great sculpt too.

  4. Very nicely painted - as always :) Merry Christmas Tamsin :)

  5. Hi Tamsin,

    please don't be "Franck", come as you are ;-)

    nice figure for a cool delirium, it will be cult in the following years for sure (even if we miss something with the french translation).

    have a nice christmas! (full of gifts).

    All the best .

    Gilles "thefrenchjester"

    ps: I'm not a number ! I 'm a free man!'( not a robot :-))

  6. Lovely fig! A very merry Xmas to you and all the best for the New Year!

  7. Great figure and nicely painted - looking forward to many more entries from you.
    Happy christmas.

  8. Great work there especially on the jeans, good denim feel.

  9. @ Whisk - glad to hear you've got past the cranks. Happy Christmas! :)

    @ Ross - cheers! Pressure? What pressure? ;)

    @ Neil - thanks! :)

    @ Michael A - it is a nice sculpt and a great character :)

    @ RMacedo - cheers! :)

    @ Gilles - I'm not sure how well it will translate into French; there is a lot of slang and some of the humour and situations are particularly British.
    Joyeux Noel! :)

    @ Gordon - thanks! :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! There will be plenty more entries to come :)

    @ Petal - ta! The jeans took quite a bit of work to get looking right :)

  10. Awesome job. I must get around to picking this guy up!


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