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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Challenge Day Two

I've had a fairly productive day off work. I started off by spray-priming the Koreans, with one interruption to clean the airbrush when the nozzle got blocked. After that I varnished the figure I submitted yesterday, which can be seen here - my first entry earning me a humungous 5 points!

After a light lunch, I then made a start on painting a bunch of civvies for Salutesville. I'd done the base, first highlight and wash on the flesh for all twelve when I realised that I was unlikely to get them all done in one session. So I decided to split them into two groups and worked on one set with the aim of getting them finished and submitted tonight. Here's a WIP shot:

I was successful and have just submitted the first group of six. That should earn me a handy 30 points.

I'm back at work the next two days, then on Thursday I'll be heading out of London. If I'm lucky, the second set will be finished before I leave.


  1. Don't forget to fit in a little christmas as well. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

  2. Sneaked a day off work so early in the challenge - I like your style!

  3. Nice start to the campaign, looking forward to seeing the rest finished


  4. Looks like you are off to a good start! I toyed with the idea of joining in this year but its almost to much pressure!

  5. @ Brendon - I will be sneaking out for 4 days off for Christmas! :)

    @ Michael A - it was a case of "use it or lose it" so naturally I chose to use it! :)

    @ Ian - thanks! Not sure when the rest will get painted - I haven't picked up the brushes yet this evening :o

    @ Kris - cheers! You should have joined in - you don't need to set a high target which puts you under pressure. Some folks are only looking to paint 20 or so 28mm foot figures over 3 months :)

    @ Francis - thanks :)

    @ Dave D - well...it's a start at least :)


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