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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Saturday Workbench

When I got home from work yesterday my bits order from Brigade Models was waiting for me. Sadly for me, that meant I couldn't procrastinate and prevaricate about modding some 3X cars for Car Wars so one of the Wilko cars went into the small tub of nail polish remover for paint stripping. Just the one for now to test things out.

It was at that point that I realised I hadn't placed a couple of other small orders that I'd planned, so a quick trip to Warbases and GZG was in order last night, while the acetone did its job.

This morning I gave the car a good scrubbing with an old toothbrush to remove the paint. As you'll see in the pics a bit further down, there are still traces of paint between panels, but not enough to worry about. After a quick rinse in hot water, I left it to dry and went out shopping.

"Hang on - did she say shopping? I bet she ended up buying more toy cars and stuff!"

Errmm, well, you see - it's a fair cop guv'nor!

Oh, and I might have ordered a few trucks off Ebay and Amazon as well...

But, yes, back to the workbench stuff.

Taking a look at the car, I decided on what weapons to fit it out with and set about drilling holes for them to poke through or fit into. I then had to fit them which entailed a certain amount of trimming with my sprue cutters. Once I was happy with the fit, I superglued them in place. I also glued the wheel axles to the chassis and the wheels to the axles.

Later this afternoon or this evening I will get out the spray booth and airbrush and prime the car. While the primer is drying I'll be going over the "yellow" 1:200 cars with white, then yellow as the yellow seems to have turned green over the grey primer.


  1. Where do you get all the energy from. You're a veritable whirlwind of productivity.

  2. Great stuff....have to agree with Ashley, your energy is enviable.

  3. See this is the fun of Car Wars, well hunting down the guy crazy enough to ride the motor bike is fun too! Your energy levels are a bit on the scary side. :)

  4. This looks promising! I need to do some serious blog reading here and catch up with what you have been up to!

  5. You're not the least bit excited about this new project are you. Go on you, and have fun!

  6. Tamsin's gone car crazy!

    I blame Mad Max.

  7. a very productive saturday!

  8. @ Ashley - my energy comes in fits and starts most of the time. Yesterday was good, so I got plenty done :)

    @ Lee - cheers :)

    @ Robert - yup, this is the fun of Car Wars. Who says that post-apoc has to be low tech and grimy? :)

    @ Phyllion - indeed :)

    @ Rodger - as it turns out, I haven't been up to that much (apart from spending money - ooh, err). This is just the sort of fun project I needed to get me back to painting I reckon :)

    @ Anne - nah, it's all very dull to be honest. But I'll force myself to make some progress ;)

    @ Evan - I haven't even seen it yet! :)

    @ Miles - a fairly productive Saturday; during the challenge I'd have modded and painted up an entire squadron of cars! ;)

  9. How strange, I was talking about Car Wars the other night after seeing Mad Max - Fury Road and wondered if anyone was still playing it. Seems the answer is yes. Great work here and I'll have to try and avoid one click shopping soon.

    Cheers, Ross

  10. Blimey, that's a load of stuff! Where do you store all your kit? I know mine is constantly overflowing from various cupboard, etc.

  11. @ Ross - it seems that Fury Road has reignited interest in car Wars and similar games. As for avoiding one-click shopping, I don't rate your chances of success ;)

    @ Millsy - I'm going to have to stop soon. At least until I can get my spare bedroom cleared out, redecorated and rewired for use as a storage and work room.
    At the moment, everything is split between my living room and main bedroom.