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Friday, 15 May 2015

15mm Bulgars

I've finally finished the Bulgars! On Wednesday they had the basing texture added; last night that got drybrushed; I took them into work today and sprayed them with matt varnish at lunchtime; and this evening I flocked the bases.

So, my first completed figures since the Challenge:

I haven't decided what to get onto the paint table next. I guess I should finish CyberScooby and make a start on the figure I owe the Dux for him beating me to 1500 points.


  1. Lookin' good.

    Happy Weekend :-)

  2. They look a little vulgar - only kidding. Very nice indeed. Great job Tamsin.

  3. Now that is a substantial hoard and nicely painted too

  4. Great stuff. I must get back to blogging and painting - not necessarily in that order too!

    Cheers, Ross

  5. and don't they look splendid! Well done Tamsin.

  6. They look great massed like that.

  7. Glad to see you started back with something basic LOL, no wonder it's taken a bit of time.

    They look great


  8. Exceptional painting - the unit looks superb. I haven't painted a figure since the challenge, just a bit of terrain work

  9. Your painting output is (compared to my meagre effort) quite phenomenal... Don't you ever rest? Lol. Very nice work on this unit. They look excellent.

  10. Mojo back after the challenge, Tamsin the unstoppable.

  11. Great painting and great to see your Steppe Tribe collection is growing. Keep an eye out for Basil the Bulgar slayer. :-0

  12. @ Whisk - thanks! Hope you've had a fab weekend! :)

    @ Dannoc - if you think they look vulgar, you should hear the language they're using! ;)

    @ Dave - 24 figures is hardly a substantial horde when ranked up alongside my Sarmatians :)

    @ Ross - indeed you must! :)

    @ Michael A - thank you! :)

    @ David - cheers! :)

    @ Ian - errmm, yep. nothing like starting back with a bunch of irregular cavalry needing lots of different colours to ease into the swing of things *grin*

    @ Roy - thanks! :)

    @ Chasseur - thanks! :)

    @ Miles - cheers! Well, that terrain project is pretty big and I guess after your stupendous output you do deserve a break from painting figures :)

    @ Lee - thanks. You know the answer don't you - stop faffing around and paint stuff! I did take a good few weeks off painting after the challenge, so clearly I do stop sometimes! Besides, I've got several years of not gaming and painting to make up for! :)

    @ Chris - I'm not 100% sure the mojo is back, but at least I've got these done :)