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Monday, 25 May 2015

Monday Mayhem

So much for my plans. Just as I was getting ready this morning to head down to 4D Modelshop, I got an email to tell me that my order - which I wasn't expecting until Wednesday at earliest - had been sent out from the depot for delivery today. Curses! I had to stay in until it turned up.

So, I carried on with the 3 cars I'd primed yesterday. I'd actually done the base coats before I got that email, so it was on to the next stage - masking the green and the blue for some striping. I spotted that the tape on the green was slightly out of alignment, so I went to adjust it and - horror! It pulled off a big patch of primer and green. Into the acetone pot it went to strip.

Lessons learned - 
1. it might be an idea to de-tackify the masking tape by pressing it onto my trouser leg before applying it to the car
2. Maybe the primer hadn't bonded to the metal properly. In future, after stripping and before priming I'll rough-up the surface with sandpaper

However, I still had two cars to work on so I didn't let that hiccup stop me. I added the stripes to the blue car by airbrush and then painted up the turrets, weapons, trim and some details by hand. The orange car had some panels painted green by hand. There followed the obligatory touching up, then I sprayed the turrets, cars and plastic "glass" with Klear.

You may have spotted a mistake I made.

I hadn't glued the turrets to the cars before doing the Klear coat! What you won't have spotted is that I hadn't quite done all the details on one of the turrets.

By this time, I had sanded the green's metal and primed it. Then at about 5pm the doorbell rang and my parcel was gratefully received.

Once I'd unpacked the trucks, I gave the green car its green basecoat. I've decided not to do stripes on this one, but it will be getting some black panels done by hand. I should get those and the rest of the detailing done this evening, alongside finishing off the other two cars.


  1. Really look forward to seeing all these together!

  2. Sorry to hear that your plans got crapped on. Do they ever leave boxes at your door? For us, sometimes they will, and other times, not.

  3. 101 ways to trip you up and slow you own, numbers 62 and 63

    Well what worked does look good


  4. I am glad I am not the only one to mess up what I am painting!!!

    I am amazed you got a package on a Bank Holiday! North of the wall, we have nothing happening on the post front!

    Good luck with the rest of your car paints!

  5. Those are some brilliant colours on the cars and I can't spot the error you said you made.

    Hey, thanks for helping to answer my question about what size base to buy on Clints page!

  6. @ Gordon - they're already up. When I've got a bunch done up I'll post some group photos.

    @ Whisk - it's not a huge problem having my plans aborted, as it's easy enough to get there after work. They do sometimes leave boxes with neighbours, but I thought it better to stay in this time.

    @ Ian - the problems weren't insurmountable and provided a useful lesson for future car modding :)

    @ Herkybird - this is perhaps the first time I've had to chuck things back into the stripping pot, but I do make mistakes all the time.
    Amazon do seem to like getting packages out early on Sundays and Bank Holidays down here in London. Maybe it's to reduce the load for "work days" if they also cover the surrounding counties?

    @ Anne - well, it wouldn't have been visible in that pic :)
    I do like the colours on this batch. :)