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Thursday, 28 May 2015

More Swag

Having been prevented going to 4D Modelshop on Monday, I did manage to get there on Tuesday after work. I might have picked up a few bits apart from the 1.6mm masking tape:

Yes, some metal 1:200 cars and vans for the 1X Car Wars project. Whilst they are more expensive than the plastic ones, they make up for that with much better detail.

This evening when I got home, there were a couple of packages waiting for me. The first was an Ebay purchase I'd made - two long-nose trucks for £7 (including delivery):

The other package was from GZG - my order of 15mm and 6mm turrets:

6mm large and medium turrets
6mm small turrets - 1:200 pickup to show size
Hotwheels car added to show size of turrets

The small 6mm turrets will work well for the 1:200 cars and as droppers/dispensers on the 3X vehicles. Now that I know what's in the packs, I think I'll be placing an order for some more

Yesterday I received an order of MDF bases from Warbases for basing vehicles and for various counters (mines, spikes, oil, smoke etc). I took those into work today to spray with grey texture paint. I got most of them done, but still have a few to do tomorrow.

Last night I did a little test for making oil slicks using gloss gel with some black ink mixed in and small amounts of water to help spread it.

I probably don't need as much black ink as I used here but do need some water, I think if I get the right mix and time things right, I should be able to raise some "peaks" to paint up as flames for flaming oil jet markers.

This evening I've been dying some cotton wool balls in diluted pink ink for paint spray markers. The balls are drying out now. I'll post pics tomorrow once they are finished.


  1. Great stuff Tamsin. Terrific project which I'm thoroughly enjoying. You really go into these projects of yours all guns blazing :-)

  2. If this is what happens when you go in to buy just a little tape, I can't wait to see what happens next time you go in to buy some cars.

    The oil slick is coming along. Just a bit of tweeking and you'll have it right.

  3. Looking good Tamsin. Love the oil slicks!

  4. Clever, 6mm sci fi turrets for car wars. Clever. So clever that it is blindingly obvious and yet some how I am too thick to think of it. Doh!

  5. You are well on your way to some impressive oil slicks. Will you do flame barriers too? The Car Wars monkey is well on your back now Tams.

  6. We do love a bit of swag and I'm loving the look of those oil slicks, very impressive.

  7. Nice work on the slicks and additions to the work pile. Having watch Mad Max last night I am perusing cars this morning :)

  8. @ Blax - the trouble is that the ole ammo tends to run out quickly ;)

    @ Anne - I know, terrible aren't I? :)

    @ Ray - cheers! :)

    @ Clint - they should work well. That Mr Tuffley fins ways of extracting money from me even when I'm not buying spaceships or expanding my SciFi ground forces ;)

    @ Lee - bzzzzzzz! :)

    @ Robert - thanks. I'll definitely be doing some flaming oil slicks. Mi might try some flame barriers as obstacles at some point in the future :)

    @ Michael A - they haven't come out too badly for a first attempt :)

    @ Simon - I hope you are doing more than perusing cars. You simply must be buying them! :)

  9. Hope you're going to keep it as a mcvitie's lorry!