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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Another Three Dueling Cars

I surprised myself - I actually managed to finish all three of the cars I was painting up. So, here are some pretty pics for you.

The blue and orange are a bit darker in real life. Those two colours seem to get bleached out whenever I take pics.

I'll try to work up some designs for all four cars tomorrow - I'll be aiming at Div 15 for those who know Car Wars.

I've also unboxed the trucks which got delivered this afternoon:

I do like the pink truck. I think I'll have to do up a team of pink cars at some point to go with it *grin*

So, now that these cars are done that clears my workbench. Over the next few evenings I'll do some work on the 1X cars.


  1. Love the pink truck! I have a pink 1947 Fleetline called 'Lola' as part of my Machinas setup.

    How do you paint your car windows, by the way - they look very good.

    Also, where do you get your weaponry from?

  2. Yes pink cars to go with the pink truck!

  3. Great work on the cars, looking forward to seeing the next batch


  4. Div 15, hmmm a well balanced choice. Mind you if you have the right players any Div is the right choice. But Div 15 should give you a wide spectrum of car types.

    They all look good and it will be good when you get some more done. Are you going Arena or street? If arena may I suggest some adverts on the cars from sponsors if they would not muck up the paint work.

  5. Lovely looking cars Tamsin! Yes, pink cars needed!

  6. @ Kaptain Kobold - I'm guessing that Lola isn't a pristine pink if she's for Machinas!
    To do the car windows, remove the plastic from the car; spray with matt varnish (to give a "key" for the next step); ink wash - I've used orange, orange/brown mix and brown for these; seal with Klear or gloss varnish.
    The turrets and guns are from Brigade Models; the pipes at the back are brass tubing
    Glad you like them :)

    @ Robert - that sounds like a second vote for pink cars to me :)

    @ Whisk - it is very fetching :)

    @ Ian - you'll need to wait a little while for the next batch as I'm waiting for bits to come in for modding them :)

    @ Clint - Div 10 or 15 should give decent games. I will probably end up doing a mix or Arena and street. For my "amateur night" garage I may add sponsor decals to the cars. Glad you like the look of these :)

    @ Rodger - cheers! That's a third vote for Team Pink :)

  7. Pink, the perfect colour! Lol.

  8. Brrrrrm, brrrrrm! Loving the pink truck too.

  9. @ Lee - indeed it is :)

    @ Michael A - vroom, vroom! It is very lovely isn't it? :)

    @ Brendon - yup, Car Wars; yup, awesome! :)

  10. Looking good Tamsin! I like the first cars and looking forward to giving Car Wars a go

  11. You can also get weapons from Stan Johanson Miniatures in the States. I have used them for my own version.


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