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Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Brief Wednesday Update

Just a brief update today.

On Monday evening I played my fourth and final game in the club's ADLG tournament. Once again I sent one corps on a flank march, thinking that the odds were in my favour of it coming on successfully and early after last Monday's debacle. It didn't come on and I lost. I did take some pics and will try to write up an AAR of the game this weekend.

Today I took the sprues of architect's model cars to work to spray them with grey primer. I also primed the 5" x 4" scored ABS plastic for the bases, then gave it another spray with textured grey paint.

This evening I got out the spray booth and airbrush and basecoated the cars. I knew there was a good reason to keep them on the sprues - it made it easy for me to do one colour per sprue (blue, red, green, yellow).

Since taking these pics I have drybrushed the ABS basing and given it a black wash. When it's dry, I'll cut the basing into strips. I'll paint the wheels and bumpers of the cars before gluing them onto the base strips. The rest of the detail painting can be done when they have been mounted and finally they can be cut into individual car bases.

I have placed an order with Brigade Models for some small 15mm turrets and weapons to customise the 1:64 diecast cars. I've also emailed an enquiry to Old Crow about ordering some turrets from their 6mm range and weapons from their 15mm range - I don't expect to hear from Jez for a while as his day-job is keeping him occupied.


  1. That air brush is coming in handy as you were able to give that many cars a good, clean base.

    Adding the turrets to the die cast cars will be so cool. Can't wait to see them!

  2. When I saw the pic on the blog roll I thought "a fairground carousel?" :-D

  3. Nice sharp colours, if you got to die, may as well do it in a bright car :-)

    These are going to come out great.


  4. One of the things I admire about you is the fact that you can stick to a project longer than me. Good start and progress and I look forward to seeing more.

  5. This sounds like a car wars project in the offering.

  6. @ Anne - it was certainly much quicker than trying to basecoat them by hand, even with me doing two thin coats. I might have to redo the yellow (spray white, then spray yellow) as it seems to look green over the grey primer :/

    @ Paul - funnily enough, at least one autoduel arena in the Car Wars canon is situated in a fairground and I seem to remember seeing a model ferris wheel in the right scale somewhere :)

    @ Ian - thanks, although the yellow hasn't come out too well over the grey primer *grumble*

    @ Clint - *looks at all those projects I've started and not finished* errmm, yep. I'm good at sticking to projects and seeing them through ;)

    @ David - possibly, possibly :)

  7. Very cool. I started and crapped out on a death race game awhile back. I've been looking at Dark Future but haven't done much with it. As usual behind the curve.