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Sunday, 8 June 2014

More Vehicles for the Gangster Project

As I said yesterday, errmm, just after midnight, I received my big order of Matchbox vehicles. I promised a scheduled post to show them off unboxed, so here you go.

1930 Packard Victoria

1930 Model J Duesdenberg

1928 Bugatti Type 44

1934 Cadillac, 1938 Hispano Suiza, 1928 Mercedes Benz SS Coupe


OK, so the Caddy and the Hispano Suiza are a little bit out of period, but they look as though they'll fit in alright.

1931 Stutz Bearcat

For those fast getaways or taking your moll out for a drive in the country.

1920 Mack AC tanker and 1937 GMC van..

"I recommend strongly that you don't shoot in the direction of that red truck!".

Again, the GMC van is a little later, but should fit in OK.

1920 Mack AC Truck and Rolls Royce Fire Engine

"I told you not to shoot at that red truck. Now I'll have to smooth things over with the Firefighters Local! Maybe if I donate some ice creams...."

Ford Model T Vans

1930 Ford Model A Pick UP Trucks

Unfortunately the churns are fixed in place. But maybe they don't contain milk?

1928 Ford Model A "Woody Wagon" and 1930 Ford Model A Tow Truck

I did say it was a big order! With the three I'd already received and the three Blue Moon cars this should enable me to fill up quite a large table for participation games.


  1. You really have gone 'big' on this Tamsin - they look stunning, all of them.

  2. I thought I spent way too much on my hobby but by the looks of this you've got me beat by a big margin! Still they do look great :-)

  3. Dear Tamsin,
    Terrific stuff! It is known that during the twenties gangsters here in the US were better armed and drove faster cars than the police. These vehicles certainly fit the bill for the period. Enjoy! Just as a BTW many of these can be used if you are ever tempted to cross over to the dark side and play VBCW games.

  4. Just what the doctor ordered Tamsin! These will all be great in your games I am sure!

  5. Great collection, with just about everything you could want.
    Are planning to use the models just as they are ?

  6. Its like visiting the motor museum! A car for all seasons!

  7. What a collection of cool cars! I grew up with Matchbox and later Hot Wheels (the original ones back in the 60-70's with red lined tires). There was a short-lived (one season?) TV show called "Bearcats." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bearcats! It was based on a couple of action characters driving around in their Stutz Bearcat..

  8. Quite a haul Tamsin & a nice range of vehicles. Hard to find those era pieces without spending a small fortune. I always watch for old cast-offs at the garage sales I visit hoping to find something. Keep up the good work & looking forward to a game report.

  9. Wow! Those look great! I have to say, going big at first might be the way to go. I always tend to under buy and then pay a ton in shipping or things going out of stock.

  10. Lovely stuff, I shall look forward to filling them full of lead with the Carbonara gang!

  11. Those matchbox cars look great, they seem just the right size too.

  12. @ Michael - well, if you're going to do it, you have to do it big!

    @ Ferb - the advantages of being single with no dependents, having a low mortgage (bought my flat in 96 during a slump) and being on a good salary. I'm also making up for all the years I was away from gaming I suppose :)

    @ Jerry - so I'm told. Besides, what's a respectable businessman to spend his honest entrepreneurial gains on if not flashy fast cars? ;)

    @ Rodger - not sure the doctor ordered these, but if he did I'm grateful to him unless he charged them to my account ;)

    @ Zabadak - for the moment I'll keep them as they are. I will need to do a bit of a cleanup on the Merc - someone had made a bit of a bodge job of painting some silver trim on the wings. Eventually I may decide to repaint some of them.

    @ Mark - indeed, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Although I pity the chauffeurs who have to drive the Caddy and Duesenbergs in the winter....

    @ Dean - I grew up with them as well. Interesting tidbit about the Bearcats

    @ Terry - there are hundreds/thousands listed on Ebay at the moment. I managed to pick all of mine up for £4-6 a pop including postage, so not too bad.

    @ Sean - always go big! You know it makes sense :)

    @ Dave - I'm guessing that the Carbonara gang might be using some of these at BlogCon 3 so you might want to be careful where you spray that lead, capisce?

    @ Robert - if anything, most are a little bit too large but if I stick the figures on plastic bases they'll look about the right height

  13. Look great, thanks for showing a model next to them.....

  14. That's a great collection! The petrol tanker and the tow truck are good additions. Something different altogether and with potential scenario options...


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