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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

WIP Gangsters and More Shiny Goodness

This evening is the first where I've been able to get some painting done this week. On Monday Simon and I played a couple of test games of Gruntz at the club. We both thought the rules were great - nice and simple, quick flow of play and good fun. We'll definitely be playing more. Typically, I forgot my camera.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit run down when I got home from work, so I didn't get any painting done. I'm still feeling a bit run down, but not as bad, so I've pushed myself to do some painting this evening. I should finish doing highlights on suits before I go to bed. I should finish them by the weekend or at latest on Saturday.

So, a couple of WIP pics for you:

My Brigade Games order arrived today and it had managed to avoid the usual Royal Mail ransom. More shiny goodness to add to the box for the gangster project.

More cops

Some State Troopers for "out of town" games


Gals with guns!

Gangsters with BARs


  1. Other than the gangland figures from some RAFM and "Pulp" (http://pulpfigures.com) figures I think you've now got all the Gangster figures I've come across.
    The Brigade Games figures are particularly good and fit well with the Copplestone range.

  2. Your project is coming along quite nicely. Tamsin! Love the dapper fellow with viola case (?) and a Thompson. He must play for one of the Modern Orchestras. ;-)

  3. Are you Building an Army? I like what you arte doing but it looks like you are going to do every hoodlum in Chicago! Bye the way I am not suggesting you should stop!

  4. Blimey more! ;-) I must admit Gangsters not really my thing , but those are coming along rather nicely :-)


  5. More Mobsters and Molls, great, they are coming along rather nicely. I like the George Melly suited gangster lots

  6. More than enough for several mobs, coming along nicely!

  7. Looking really good Tamsin! As far as I am concerned, you can never have too many!!

  8. Holy Smokes Tamsin this project has really taken hold

  9. That's a LOT of fire power going on there I certainly feeling sorry for those Lawmen who have to try and deal with them!

  10. Looks like you're amassing an army of G-men to combat your horde of gangsters. You can never go wrong with a few state police. Well done on the stripped jacket gunsel.

  11. Dear Tamsin,
    I just want to point out that in almost every state of which I am aware, State Troopers have their barracks either in or on the outskirts of local communities. A bank robbery, for example, might be responded to by the local police as well as the state troopers.
    Nice project - good on you.
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon
    "Grumpy is good."

  12. Well done, Tasmin. I come home from work feeling the same most nights; when I do get the motivation to add a few brushstrokes it always feels quite satisfying. Best, Dean

  13. @ Zabadak - I've got some of the Pulp figures on order. I think the only ones missing are Copplestone and Gorgon Studios which I didn't go for as I don't like slot basing. I didn't go for Steve Barber or RAFM as they are a bit small alongside the others.

    @ Monty - I don't believe the case contains an instrument. In fact it may be being used to smuggle things - the waistcoat and handkerchief might give a clue ;)

    @ Clint - not an army, just several gangs and enough law enforcement to take them off

    @ Jason - I didn't think they were my thing until I painted up my first few. That's when the bug hit me

    @ PK - more Roger than George :)

    @ Francis - that's the plan. Have enough mobs to run a participation game

    @ Rodger - indeed. Enough is not a word I comprehend

    @ Andrew - it surely has

    @ Simon - yup, lots of firepower for the mobsters. The cops might be getting something to even things up though

    @ Robert - the forces of law and order will be quite substantial

    @ Jerry - I know. At some point I'll have to get some small town cops as well.

    @ Dean - if only our work days were shorter and less frenetic we'd all have more free time and energy to enjoy our hobbies. Wasn't technology meant to do that?


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