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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Paint Table Saturday #34

I haven't done this for a couple of weeks. I think this is #34.

I still haven't quite finished the "Named Gangsters". There isn't much left though - just touch ups, a little bit of detailing and varnishing. I will get that done tomorrow.

Earlier this week I reported that the Eureka jazz band are primed. A couple of nights ago I did the flesh basecoat (German Camo Black Brown) on their hands and faces. A couple of the figures have open mouths, so I carefully did those with Panzer Aces Shadows Flesh.

I've been steadily working on the warehouse and corner store this week, mostly doing the interiors. This afternoon I have done the exterior brickwork using FW red earth ink (diluted 50% with 10% flow aid). I will need to touch up some of the window frames where the red ink caught the white.

Corner Store:


Tomorrow I'll only do a little bit more on these - spraying the roof wells with textured grey paint. I might do the pavement areas as well. I'll also be making a proper start on the jazz band. That is assuming that I've actually managed to decide on the colour scheme for the band's uniform!


  1. Great progress, looking forward to seeing the jazz band.

  2. Great work on those buildings, Tamsin - but how much room will a 28mm replica of Chicago actually take up?
    : )

  3. The brick colour looks real good. Loving this project. Makes me feel like painting Gangsters

  4. The ink colors on the buildings look great though I do find the 2nd story of the corner store disconcerting. Your gangland project is so impressive in size and scope I believe others will be sucked into Prohibition gaming because of it.

  5. The brickwork looks awesome Tamsin! Excellent work!

  6. Nice looking gangsters and buildings; looking forward to seeing those musicians painted up too.

  7. Thanks all!

    @ Joe - check out the next post :)

    @ Evan - probably about a furlong by a furlong. I don't have space for that though and don't need more buildings than will fill a 6' x 4' table

    @ Robert - it is a bit awkward, isn't it? As for sucking others in, I don't mind getting the blame for that ;)


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