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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sarissa City Block Corner Store

No progress on the "Named Gangsters", but the jazz band have been primed:

In other news:
1. I've finished prepping all of the gangster figures. That just leaves the Blue Moon vehicles to prep.
2. The loading bay doors of the warehouse have almost fully dried now. I've glued the pieces correctly this time and I'll leave them clamped until the MDF is completely dry before gluing the support pieces (which allow you to have the doors open or closed).

I did get some work done on the Corner Store on Sunday as well as hitting the spray cans. That turned out to be a bit of a mistake. I discovered after spraying that they were enamel. They also turn out to be gloss. Oh well, lesson learned - don't buy those again. It did mean that I needed to go over the gloss with some matt white brush-on paint to provide a suitable base for colouring. I also used my old, el-cheapo external mix airbrush to spray white primer on the removable floor layout of the warehouse.

While I was waiting for the enamel to dry, I had one of those silly thoughts and decided to try it. The thought was to try using inks for colouring the MDF. I chose the base of the Corner Store to do some test patches and find out how the colour works on bare MDF. I also tried this on some painted MDF. I did patches of undiluted ink and with it diluted 1:1 with 10% flow aid.

I will be going over this with a matt spray!

I also tried some mixes to find a suitable colour for the brickwork.

Most of the inks provide good colouring, even when diluted. They also provide pretty good coverage by volume.

Last night I did the matt white painting on the window/door panels and inked the areas of the inner walls of the corner store which aren't covered by those panels.

The steps and railings aren't glued on yet.

I've used plastic putty to fill in the gaps on the angled joints.

You can just see some test patches for brickwork colours.


  1. Nice use of clamps! I do love using clamps. The building looks great!

  2. Good to see your wip (as rapid as ever), doesn't the MDF eat up inks and how's your airbrush working out ?
    I was a bit disappointed with the corner shop not having the upper floor at an angle like the ground floor and thouught it looked wrong, but maybe Iit's just me.
    Roll on the jazz band !

  3. Another ridiculously fast wip! The green on the inner wall was ink? It looks like it covers well.

  4. Looking good Tamsin. The inking MDF idea is a cracker and looks like it works well.

  5. Excellent so far. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Sarissa block.


  6. Nice work there. One of the problems that prevented me starting a project like this was the like of buildings or rather the expense of buying resin. The current crop of MDF has now removed one more excuse not to start another project.

  7. Tamsin - Where do you get your energy from? When I get home from work I'm knackered - You are an inspiration to all us tired modellers and gamers!

  8. @ Kris - clamps are invaluable for jobs like this. I'm glad I bought two tubes of them the other week as I'd have been stuck otherwise.

    @ Joe - surprisingly it doesn't drink up the ink as much as I'd thought it would. I'm a bit disappointed about the lack of angle as well - the overhang does look odd. They did do angled upper floor and roof for the pub in the Gaslamp Alley range, so it wasn't beyond them to do it for this one.

    @ Robert - yup, that green is ink. I was surprised by the coverage it gives.

    @ Millsy - I don't know what made me think of trying it, but sometimes stupid ideas turn out not to be :)

    @ Monty - if I do a little bit here and there, these two should be finished by Sunday evening. The rest will take a backseat for a few weeks until I take some time off work and do a concentrated session.

    @ Paul - this is cheaper than resin, but Virtual Armchair General has some great PDFs for card/foamboard buildings which might work out cheaper still. I prefer these though as you can use the interiors.

    @ Pendragon - I usually get home from work knackered as well, so there are many evenings when I don't have the energy to do anything.

  9. This is great, I've been thinking about trying inks for my Dead Man's Hand buildings. Thanks, Des


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