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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Paint Table Saturday #31

Drat - it's gone midnight which makes this "Paint Table Sunday" instead.

I've actually had quite a busy evening and have managed to finish painting the gangsters. They just need varnishing - if I make it back early enough from Broadside I'll get that done in the evening. On the subject of Broadside, Fran and Postie will be getting their gangster figures.

Some pics of the gangsters, pre-varnish:

Some other news - my big Ebay order for Matchbox cars finally arrived this yesterday morning. I'll schedule a post of the cars "unboxed" for tomorrow this morning. Here is a pic of them in their boxes.


  1. That is one heck of alot of cars Tam. Excellent work on the Gangster minis as well.

  2. Is this a gangster project or 1920's car wars!!! See you later today mate. have a safe journey and catch you later.

  3. A project I have always wanted but never started. Good work.

  4. I am loving this gangster vibe that you are on Tamsin and for the younger readers a gangster wears tailor made suits and has style and not walking around with his arse hanging out of his jeans. You are making me to find an excuse to get so and join the Roaring 20s. Mind you once you have finished with them you have the basis of a VBCW force too.

  5. Have a Great day at Boardside

  6. Gangsters are looking wonderful Tamsin! Impressive second hand car yard you have going on there too!

  7. Ohh wow mean looking bunch. Lokks like they made you an offer you could not refuse....
    Huh that is also a big box of cars...I have some of the Matchbox Models of yeasteryear stocked somewhere in my "dungeon". Did they really match the 28mm models??

  8. Great painting Tamsin and some nice cars too.

  9. @ Carl - only 24 vehicles in that pic :)

    @ Clint - well, my setting is in Michigan, not far from Motor City so it's only right tht there should be lots of automobiles

    @ Paul - what's stopping you? ;)

    @ Michael - these 12 have actually taken me longer than normal, mostly because I haven't been able to work on them every day.

    @ PK - I didn't know you were a fashionista! If you do feel the bug bite, I can provide you with a list of figure manufactuers

    @ Rodger - thanks and thanks!

    @ Markus - they certainly did. They do match the 28mm figures quite well, as you'll see in my next post.

    @ Dannoc - cheers and cheers :)


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